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Navigating the Cultural Minefield - Harvard Business Review

  I am always looking for resources for understanding and interpreting culture and cultures.  Sometimes the resources come from anthropology or sociology; sometimes from comparative religions and worldviews.   149 more words

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Are Economic Issues Harder Than Social Issues For the Evangelicals and Catholics to Unite Behind?

Robert P. Jones writes, “At first glance, the link between evangelicals and Catholics seems like a political match made in heaven…. But the pope’s call for economic justice complicates the relationship, because it calls both Catholics and evangelicals to cooperation beyond a narrow band of cultural politics. 39 more words

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The Easter Season

The Easter season is a seven week period that begins with the Easter vigil and concludes on the feast of Pentecost. For most Catholic parishes, it’s a time for First Communion of children, but the season has a larger purpose than that. 518 more words


Unthinkable, Impossible, Unfathomable, Unprecedented

In this Easter season, we in our family want all of you to know that we believe in religious liberty, in upholding a strong tradition of… 341 more words

Worship/Testimony/Feeling Things Down Deep

Thus, it is significant that even while the people did not call themselves Yahweh’s people, Yahweh immediately thinks of them as “my people.” In other words, God owns them long before they own God.

// Moon, A Korean Minjung Theology, 6.

World Vision and The Christian Homosexual Debate

May I approach this from another place? I agree Christian Culture/individuals, myself included have a tendency to focus on the behavioral-external stuff when it comes to subjects like this. 857 more words