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Despite all appearances

In recent weeks there has been a growing persecution of Christians in Iraq, particularly in the city of Mosul. ISIS, a militant Islamic group, have taken control of the region and declared Shariah Law. 766 more words


A Book on Drums and Worship | Chinese Church Voices

I wish my Chinese was good enough to read this book:

A Book on Drums and Worship | Chinese Church Voices.  On the one hand, I have a son who plays the drums and is part of the team that leads music and worship in their service.   107 more words

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What to do with Persecution?

Among all religions, are Christians the most persecuted?  Back in 2010 the Toronto Star published this article asserting that that was the case.

Christianity arguably the most persecuted religion in the world | Toronto Star… 411 more words

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RORATE CÆLI: Nun: The Sign of Genocide

RORATE CÆLI: Nun: The Sign of Genocide.  Posted by New Catholic:

“They mean it as a mark of shame, we must then wear it as a mark of hope: Yes, we are in the army of the Resurrected Nazarene, the Master and Lord of the Universe, the Man who is God Almighty, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. 423 more words

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Stop Playing Church.

Have we taken God for granted assuming that all is well if we ourselves are comfortable?

Our cry to God should ask Him to search our hearts, minds and souls. 400 more words

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