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Unthinkable, Impossible, Unfathomable, Unprecedented

In this Easter season, we in our family want all of you to know that we believe in religious liberty, in upholding a strong tradition of civil discourse with people who aren’t like us, and in expressing a heart-felt faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 321 more words


Thus, it is significant that even while the people did not call themselves Yahweh’s people, Yahweh immediately thinks of them as “my people.” In other words, God owns them long before they own God.

// Moon, A Korean Minjung Theology, 6.

World Vision and The Christian Homosexual Debate

May I approach this from another place? I agree Christian Culture/individuals, myself included have a tendency to focus on the behavioral-external stuff when it comes to subjects like this. 857 more words


Herein lies the complex nature of the “han” of the Korean “minjung.” As a people of a small and weak nation, they hate and resent the wrongs done to them by the surrounding nations whose might they cannot overcome.

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Not so fast: Ten things that would have to change to make me reconsider Roman Catholicism

It seems that the recent conversion of Ulf Ekman to Roman Catholicism has caused quite a stir in Western Christianity. News of the Swedish mega church pastor’s controversial decision comes hot off the evangelical press, not long after… 789 more words

Plural Theologies: from the East to the West and back again

I first heard of plural theologies from Dr. Andrew Walls during a lecture series he gave on God’s mission in church history. He spoke of how Jesus was the bridge between the old and the new covenant, and the early church in the book of Acts is actually a continuation of the story of Israel. 1,069 more words