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Imagine That — I’m Still Anti-War.

July 16 2014

Most of us have heard John Lennon sing

“You may say I’m a dreamer,… but I’m not the only one.” 434 more words


Some Truth About The International Weapons Trade

Here we have Abby Martin of Breaking the Set going into some truth about how American Weapons Manufacturers are making a killing by arming many of the killers of the world… While Abby Martin can at times be very biased (overtly leftwing), I would find it difficult to argue with any of the points she makes here. Worth a view.

World Cup Losers... 'Deserving' to Win? (Warning Signs of Arrogance Beget Aggression?)

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t ‘get’ soccer – another one of those Americans who can’t appreciate the world’s most popular game, I suppose. 1,733 more words


ISIS and Iraq: The Rise of an Unprecedented Regional Threat

Iraq/Syria/who-knows-where-next is a cluster-you-know-what in the making. Iraq is on the verge of becoming the playground of an even worse version of the Taliban, ruled by extremists so extreme in their brutality that even Al’Qaeda despises them. 1,557 more words

*ISW - No Cause for Alarm . . . . ;)

The Pakistani Taliban on Monday took responsibility for the Sunday assault on the country’s largest international airport in Karachi. In six hours of fighting at least 28 people died, including the 10 attackers. 629 more words

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We’ve recently emerged into a new post Snowden era.

Once upon a time we believed that some evil governments in far off countries were targeting the phone lines of specific terrorists and troublemakers, however, in the new digital age it has transpired that governments all over the world have actively recorded and analysed… 336 more words