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Earliest Ice on Record Appears on Great Lakes

(Of course, we know this must be the result of Man-made Global Warming, because whenever I want a refreshingly cold glass of lemonade, I always throw it in the microwave first to get that just right icy frosty effect. 158 more words


Antarctic sea ice much thicker than expected

The British Antarctic Survey has issued a press release regarding the use of a robot submarine which has been measuring the thickness of Antarctic sea ice. 538 more words


If The Facts Don't Fit The Theory, Change The Facts

Einstein joked :

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.

He was mocking fake scientists who tamper with data, like the ones in the US government which create fake temperature graphs.

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John L. Casey Interview - The Coming Cold Crisis 2015 (22:05)

Put something warm on, folks.

Chronic record cold temperatures, double the normal high magnitude earthquakes, and massive volcanic eruptions. While government sponsored scientists are not making the connection, top scientist John L.

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The Little Ice Age was real and it was global

Global warmists like to pretend sometimes that the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period were not real or that they were just some local phenomena. 823 more words


Prepare Now! NASA 2015 Predictions Will Drop Your Jaw to the Floor When You Find Out What They Predicted and How It Could Bring Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths…

Could another mini Ice Age be in our near future? NASA climatologist John L. Casey seems to think so despite Al Gore’s long held belief that the world is warming. 228 more words

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Global climate change, it's never what you think

The late 70’s was really great for snow and lots of it . . . . and it’s back

Theory is the earth goes thru alternating periods of heating and cooling. 209 more words

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