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A couple of graphs to show an absence of global warming locally

I decided to do a little comparison graphing.

The first oneĀ  uses COOP data — Gillette 9 ese — from here:


which is data from 1902 thru 2013. 390 more words

Global Warming

Human-Caused Climate Change & Why It Is Crap

A lot of things about modern politics make me very perturbed, but none so much as the issue of “climate change”. More specifically, I do agree that climate change exists, but I am in complete denial that it is caused by humans; I feel it is merely a natural condition of the planet. 327 more words


Climate models demolished as Arctic ice recovers, Antarctic ice reaches new maximum and global temperatures drift downwards

The Royal Society (which is one of the institutional high priests of the global warming cult) is holding a meeting on the Arctic today. It is quite revealing to see how climate models – which are being steadily demolished by reality – … 107 more words


AOL Headline: 'Global Warming Likely To Cause Colder And Snowier Winters, Scientists Say'

By P.J. Gladnick ~

With global warming it is often heads you lose, tails we win. No matter what happens in the weather the answer is always global warming. 686 more words

Public Opinion

Cairns residents should ignore rising sea level nonsense

I have spent 55 years in the engineering profession where ignoring the evidence often kills people. Thus I am predisposed to look at the evidence before drawing conclusions. 296 more words


Latest Dispatches From The Front Lines of Global Cooling

From the New York Post:

According to NASA satellites and all ground-based temperature measurements, global warming ceased in the late 1990s. This when CO2 levels have risen almost 10 percent since 1997.

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