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Record cold..






Washington…Unfortunately hell did not freeze over…

West Virginia…

Here in Minnesota we would really not notice those temps as ‘cold’.. 29 more words


Why are we not able to predict the future of climate change?

Climate change is the greatest risk facing our world today and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) claims that we are now to blame for this unprecedented rise in global temperature. 969 more words


Italian Researcher Presents Peer-reviewed Study Which Disproves Greenhouse Effect

Why Lunar Heating / Cooling Disproves the Greenhouse Effect on Earth

Principia Scientific — July 14, 2014

Written by Alberto Miatello

Fresh scientific analysis of the heating and cooling rate of the moon has produced startling evidence to show that the greenhouse gas theory of global warming on earth is false.

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June 2014 was the coldest June recorded in Antarctic and its ice cap now at record size

A press release by the Meteo France says this past June was the coldest June on record since the its Antarctic Dumont d’Urville Station station was set up in 1952. 502 more words


More Global Warming / Climate Change!!

The sky continues to fall!  They sky…oh, wait.  Nevermind…

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded

According to the press release, during June this year, the average temperature was -22.4c (-8.3F), 6.6c (11.9F) lower than normal. 413 more words