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Pizza Express-ions

American pizza has never appealed to me. Yes, we have all grown up eating a slice of thick, spongy pizza, with toppings, but ever since I tasted the real Italian pizza, my palate only craves for that. 400 more words

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A Glitzy Array of Food n Fun!

My Sunday turned out be just what the Doctor ordered. Yes, I experienced the ‘Dr. Feel Good’ event at Flamboyante, Sobo’s much loved neighbourhood restaurant housed in the cultural precinct of the World Trade Centre. 273 more words

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Fish & Olive Casserole: Recipe


500 gms fillet of any fish

3 cloves garlic

7 black olives

fish stock

chopped parsley

olive oil

salt to taste


Cut the fish into large pieces. 38 more words

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Dil Maange Mo(Mo) Cafe......

I have a special soft corner for MoMo Café, the all-day dining outlet at the Courtyard by Marriott across the country. Free spirited, lively and cozy, it is a wonderful place to dine informally. 502 more words

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No Hollywood, Only Pizza Please!

Pizza is something I am always game for. For most if us, it is our comfort food.  And a special menu called ‘Hollywood on Your table’ at California Pizza Kitchen, the fine-dining restaurant, sounded even more exciting. 367 more words

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Convenient Online Food Service: TastyKhana.com

The frenetic pace of life in Mumbai always makes us seek short cuts. Of convenience, I mean. So when I learnt about Tastykhana, where you can order your food online and choose from a plethora of restaurants according to the cuisine you want, I was excited beyond words. 416 more words

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Master's Class Vs Master Class

It was one of those weeks where I attended two Master classes by Master Chefs. But there was a world of difference in the learning outcomes of both. 540 more words

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