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Ottawa shooting: Toronto boosts police presence as security measures heightened across Canada~What did you expect? The Whitehouse just got stormed so naturally, the War memorial and Parliament were next, wake-up people, the jig is up, welcome to the new world order! Where hammer = droppin

How convenient, the WH gets stormed with armed SS agents guarding it and now the Canuck Parliament under extensive military surveillance and security gets sprayed with bulletz, this is it folks, the owners are getting ready to flip the ‘switch’ – Welcome to the New World Orduh where you comply or you die… precedent setting happening as I type these words. 1,246 more words

West to East, Global Economic Collapse

Source: Miles Franklin, by Andrew Hoffman

No one ever said life was easy – and certainly not pursuit of the “American Dream,” which a record amount of citizens view as unobtainable.  348 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence