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Classrooms Should be Globally Connected

Recently Avonworth High School 9th grade students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sat in a room around a large HDTV during a social studies class. They were not completing a worksheet or reading a textbook to regurgitate information, nor were they looking for a single prescribed answer to a given problem. 387 more words

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LINEglobal connects The School at Columbia University and Oberoi International School

Thanks to LINEglobal, The School at Columbia has partnered with Oberoi International School in Mumbai, India to have a true educational cultural exchange!

I am very excited about this unique opportunity that LINEglobal is providing me and the teachers at my school. 490 more words

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Reflections on International Mindedness

A guest post courtesy of Toni Olivieri-Barton who blogs at toniobarton.wordpress.com.

In the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization, “international-minded” students are defined as demonstrating all of the following attributes: open-minded, risk-taker, reflective, principled, balanced, inquirer, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators and caring. 841 more words

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Making the Most of Required Pre-K Education for All Children

In a previous post we addressed seven compelling and interconnected reasons for the value and necessity of pre-K education to meet the needs of living and achieving in a global society and Information Age. 1,584 more words

Global Education

You Can Support NC Teachers Global Learning

Our world is increasingly interconnected economically, politically, technologically, ecologically, and socially (Merriweather, 1998). Our schools worldwide must prepare students for work, private, and public life in a global society (The New London Group, 1996). 473 more words


A Look Inside the Classroom of the Future

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Great read on Edutopia by Dana Mortenson. She asks:

“Will our children be ready, and is the education they’re receiving today preparing them for the world they’ll inherit in a decade or two? 53 more words

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A Note on Diversity

The world we live in is a very diverse place, from the melting pot of races to the varying kinds of landscapes. We can see that there are millions of combinations that both land and human can create. 523 more words

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