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T&L briefing: What are the benefits of Twitter for teachers?

On Friday morning I gave a ten-minute briefing to all staff at my school on the benefits of Twitter for teachers. Accompanied by a keynote presentation behind me, I used the words below as a rough script (though I don’t tend to read from notes when presenting). 644 more words

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The reason for this post, is quite simply that it is self affirming. I joined Twitter, professionally at least, in April 2014. I had been a Twitter non-user for a number years before that. I didn't get it. Too little space, too little to read, too much nonsense, if no-one follows me what's the point? No-one can read what I say. As such, my profile sat, unloved, unappreciated and under used. Then I had an epiphany (a late one, but better late than never!) I had realised it was something which could be used professionally and I knew a few people who used it, so I took the plunge and @WatsEd was born. Well created anyway. Now 4 months later, I have Tweeted 4060 times, I follow 853 users (all real people too, not bots or rubbish) and am followed by 438 users (also real people, I hope! They talk to me, so if they aren't that's worrying!) I have learned more in that 4 months about what is happening in the world of education, than in the last 3 years!

  • OfSted
  • Curriculum
  • Government Policy
  • #Gove
  • Tech
  • App Development
  • Blogging
  • Leadership
  • Global education
  • Updates from Conferences
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Teachmeets
The list could go on and on. I am not professing to be expert in any of these things, but I know things now that I didn't before and that is an improvement. Twitter has opened so many doors to my practice, self awareness and self reflection.
  • Genius Hour (although I already did a similar thing)
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Educational authors.
All off this and more is at my fingertips - literally! I can ask a question of my 'Twitterati' and within the day I will have answers, lots of answers, from people in different contexts who have a range of opinions - I can discuss them, argue my case, back down, stand up - whatever I need. More CPD than I can handle!


So, to the point. I want to share my new found obsession (and it can very easily become that!) with my own colleagues. So I asked Twitter... "I wonder if anyone has any materials for showing staff the benefits of Twitter?" I had a few responses, all helpful, but it was Tom Bigglestone (@the_tank) who really came through. He shared both his very lovely printed iPad handout complete with suggested user to follow and a collection of tweets answering the question: 'Why should teachers use Twitter?' His blog entry I re-blogged below is the rest of his 10 minute presentation to staff. [caption id="attachment_92" align="aligncenter" width="339"]http://tombigglestone.wordpress.com/ http://tombigglestone.wordpress.com/[/caption] It was exactly what I needed - I could easily have written and said the same things, but sometimes it is nice to know that you aren't alone in your opinions. That's powerful. Thanks Tom.


There are so many professionals out there in the 'twittersphere' and the 'blogosphere' - they are nice people and they are all too keen to share their skills, knowledge and understanding with anyone who care to ask. Where else can you discuss a chapter of a book with the author(s) over a coffee - almost anytime you like? What about discussion an app that you like, with the developer and coder? It's brilliant. If you are a teacher and you aren't on Twitter - why not? [caption id="attachment_77" align="aligncenter" width="193"]@BATTTUK Twitter @BATTTUK Twitter[/caption] I have had what I now refer to as 'Cup of Tea CPD' so often. Just make a cup of tea, ask the question and discuss. 15-20 mins and you know more, or you have shared with someone else. Brilliant. There are so many #chats to join in with - 30 mins of VERY intense tweeting about specific topics. #behaviourchat, #SLTchat, #headteacherchat, #MLchat, #edchat, #ukedchat, #AUSSIEdchat - again the list goes on. Many of these have the discussion topic chosen by the user. These all have an appointed day and time, so if you are prepared you are good to go! Two screens is helpful to track discussions. Sometimes it is like being a kid in sweet shop! [caption id="attachment_93" align="aligncenter" width="333"]Image from http://www.choosewoodbridge.co.uk/ Image from http://www.choosewoodbridge.co.uk/[/caption] I have wholeheartedly bought into the idea that Twitter provides some of the best CPD you can get.  

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