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http://youtu.be/B7_yWIODNZAThe Opus of My Life….The Pursuit of VERITAS
Moving industrialized education models to knowledge based, what is the definition of life success and who sets the standard? 49 more words

Remembering Mother Earth: Reflections on Earth Day 2014.

1) Earth Day concerns should be unifying every day concerns .

2) We must do more than merely virtually explore the wonders of our precious planet… 59 more words

Curious David

Note taking skills for students

In a fast-paced world where information travels at the speed of light, note taking skills can make all the difference between effective and ineffective learning. Students can perform way better if they master the art of note taking. 186 more words

Powerful New Citelighter Tools (Plus An Edudemic Giveaway!)

Do you guys remember Citelighter? We mention it here from time to time because we think it is a pretty awesome tool that can be useful in many of your classrooms. 384 more words

African drumming

The Foxes have kicked off the summer term with their first African drumming lesson today. We learnt how to keep a steady beat. It was so much fun!

Preliminary Personal Responses to the 2014 Higher Education Edition Horizon Report

Though I won’t have time until this summer to deeply explore the 2014 Horizon Report which I alluded to in an earlier post, I wanted to share some initial reactions here: 380 more words

Curious David

A Pointe of Paris

Coming from the New York Metropolitan area, dance has always been a big part of my daily routine.  When I was preparing to spend the semester abroad, I went searching for dance studios that were available in Paris, as that is where my academic program was taking place.  402 more words