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Texas County Official Running Election Campaign on Compassion for illegal Immigrants. Compassion for What...

Helping people who commit crimes is no way for the government to enforce the law. Giving benefits to criminals will only encourage them to continue to commit the same crimes they have been committing. 1,060 more words


What's left of Humanity?

I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m honestly really sorry for that. I thought I could do something without breaking commitment but I guess not. 440 more words


Russia Sends More Missiles into Ukraine, Fires Off Artillery. Western Sanctions Continue to Bite

More news has come out of Ukraine that Russia may now be providing Ukrainian rebels with even more weapons, while possibly firing artillery shots from Russia into Ukraine. 548 more words


What Would It Be Like If You Were A Refugee?

The next time you see video of a hateful, vitriol-spewing crowd chanting against allowing immigrants into our country, you might want to think what it’s like to be a refugee. 958 more words

Another Day, Another Airline Plane Crash Disaster. What Happens Next?

It’s only July, but this year has already been a bad year for airline disasters. First there was Malaysian flight MH370 in March that disappeared on route from Kula Lumpur to Beijing.  1,016 more words


Putin's Circus takes over Malaysian Airline Crash Site

Following the crash of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine reports of intentional monitors being turned away from the crash site, bodies being taken away in unmarked trains, and Ukraine militants reportedly seizing the plane’s black box have come fourth.  846 more words


Container for my thoughts

There isn’t a container big enough
To contain my thoughts on any given day

So I call out to the sky

Help! Where are You? 517 more words