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Ebola Is an Unlikely Terrorist Biological Weapon


“Biological weapons look great in the movies, but they are difficult and expensive to develop in real life. That is why we have rarely seen them used in terrorist attacks. 359 more words

Emergency Signal Sets off Race to Find Russian Sub near Swedish Waters

Late last week in the waters off Sweden the Swedish military intercepted an emergency distress signal from a Russian vessel. Although the vessel was originally labeled as “foreign underwater activity”, its since become clear that Sweden is really looking for a Russian submarine that may have waded a little too far into another country’s sovereign waters. 898 more words

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Haiku: The Butterfly Effect

“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” Chaos Theory… 661 more words

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Feast Your Eyes

The annual AOI Illustration Awards showcases a feast of graphic art, in categories ranging from children’s book illustrators to advertising and design. Give your mind an imagination-break and feed your eyes with some of the world’s best illustrations, courtesy of… 37 more words


Battle Against ISIS in Kobane Continues to Rage

The battle between the ISIS, Kurdish forces, and Coalition air power continues to rage in the Syrian city of Kobane. Control of this strategically important town on the Syrian-Turkish border could be the difference between the ISIS expanding their territory all the way to Turkey or being pushed back in a rare military rout. 841 more words

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Turkey Postured to Defeat ISIL Without NATO Help


“Despite continued threats to its border with Syria, Turkey is capable of handling pressure from the conflict without major NATO support, an Army official said Oct.16.  553 more words