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The five most worrisome charts in the global economy

First things first. There are plenty of reasons to think that the global economy could continue to power forward.

The US economy seems to be emerging from… 527 more words

Optimism vs. Pessimism: Setting The Timetable For Raising Rates

“A more sustainable recovery in rich countries (alt) has sharply reduced the risks of another global downturn, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday, as it began to look forward to economic normalisation…It now estimates only a 0.1 per cent probability of global recession in 2014, compared with a 6 per cent chance last October, with similarly reduced risks for 2015.   626 more words

Watch what happens if the world economy goes wrong this year

The IMF just released its latest attempt to forecast the health of the global economy, which it thinks will expand by 3.6% this year. The forecast also comes with a warning about what will happen if things go wrong, with growth instead falling to 2.4%, just above the 2% cut-off point that the IMF considers a global recession: 226 more words

What Type of Approach Might Best Pursue Investor Needs and Challenges?

In the last five years, we have seen an increasing appetite for risky assets. Initially, this was a consequence of the search for yield and enhanced returns in a low interest rate environment. 603 more words


Global growth faces risks; China's political gamble of the century; Climate change impacts 'overwhelming'

1 Global growth faces risks (Khaleej Times) Known unknowns are multiplying in a new threat to global economic expansion. While economists Mohamed El Erian of Allianz, Allen Sinai of Decision Economics and Morgan Stanley’s Joachim Fels see growth speeding up this year, mounting geopolitical strains in Ukraine and elsewhere are prompting them to turn more guarded about the outlook. 876 more words

Getting Cozy With Slow Expansion, Hedge Fund Landlords, Fannie And Freddie

Some economists are starting to point at the dragging recovery and current business cycle expansion as getting a bit long in the tooth… 951 more words