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The importance of having a cause

I once was having a conversation with a friend and, in typical-Kelly fashion, I became passionate about a global cause in which I was interested. And I watched as my friend’s eyes glazed over, questions ceased and, “Oh yeah, that’s nice,” became the only response elicited from her. 840 more words

First World

World's Oldest Profession: The Global War Against Prostitution

It has been said that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. There has been an on-going concern with efforts to eliminate prostitution, exploitation, and human trafficking, while working to fight for human rights and minimize overstepping the boundaries of “freedom of choice”. 652 more words


The Walking Dead, Take 2

Hi everyone,

This is my first posted blog (I’ve started writing probably upwards of a hundred). If you’re looking for something upbeat, this one’s not for you. 540 more words


Kid Abolitionists

Sometimes a couple of imperfect families can get together and creatively do what they can with what they have to give voice to his work in the world. 661 more words

Day 30: Travel Light, Love Heavy

I have been thinking about this post for days. What should I write about, in my last article of the 30 Days of Life series? What else is there to explore in the world that we haven’t already? 635 more words


You Can’t Tweet That!

Can businesses hold you accountable for what you say on social media?

Many of us have taken to social media to berate brands when they have failed to meet expectations that we have of them. 371 more words

Social Media


GlobalIssues.org is website that aims to present all global issues including social, political, economic, and environmental issues and demonstrate how they are interrelated. There are hundreds of articles on the site mostly provided by Anup Shah, but there are thousands of links to external articles spread amongst these as well. 33 more words