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All I see is boobs.

I just found this “feminist” group named FEMEN, from the Ukraine and I’m trying to form an opinion/judge.

Exhibit 1: Boobs

Exhibit 2: More Boobs… 662 more words

Political Violence @ a Glance

Unfortunately, this week we’ve seen a lot of political violence in the news. They’re hard topics to research and discuss, but understanding the issues is important to understanding world politics and our place in it. 78 more words

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Gaza - part of a huge Conflict

Gaza has gone into flames, again. Despite years upon years of conflict, hardship for it’s residents, and blood spilled in the name of security and revenge, no resolution, no end has been found. 262 more words

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Animals On The Front Line

As The Israel Defence Forces’ ground offensive entered its second day, the estimated number of dead in Gaza has risen to 316. With the number of people to die as a result of conflict in Gaza now topping 300, UN chief Ban Ki-Moon is set to travel to the region today in a bid to end the fighting between Israel and Hamas. 430 more words

Global Issues

Fascism is cured by reading...

“Fascism is cured by reading, and racism is cured by traveling.”

— Miguel de Unamuno. So pack your bags, visit a library and get on with saving the world. Can’t hurt!


The Sea Dump - The Extent Of Ocean Plastic

Andres Cozar Cabanas and a team of researchers have completed a comprehensive map of ocean plastic and rubbish. The team found millions of pieces of plastic debris in five large gyres (a large system of rotating currents in the ocean). 534 more words

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