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4 Smartphone Apps That Pay You Cash

With the expansion of technology and smartphone apps comes a whole new array of opportunities to earn money. It has literally never been so easy! Smartphone apps are all the rage but what’s making an even bigger splash in the world of consumerism is the rise of money-making smartphone apps. 608 more words


Security firm Zscaler finds 28% of Android apps request permission to read SMS logs

In a study conducted by security research firm Zscaler, 28% of Android apps request permission to read old SMS logs, while a whopping 68% request permission to send SMS messages from your phone. 207 more words



It has been a dream for decades of having computers that communicate with each other seamlessly, that can access all your data anywhere and could even be used to communicate.  549 more words


Global Positioning System was used to find Sierra water weight by NASA.

The Scientist from NASA, have found “total weight of winter snow pack, soil moisture in California Sierra Nevada” by using “Global Positioning System –GPS”. This new result shown in other satellite measurement can fetch a reality check for Computer models, which can be used in estimate like water state or snow pack and some team from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory ” Donald Argus” , Pasadena, Calif., studied data from 1,069 Global Positioning System research sites in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. 591 more words


Satellites Protect Fish from Filchers

If your livelihood involves fishing illegally, your chosen profession looks like it might become a little more interesting, soon.  A partnership has been established among the… 524 more words

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A celestial navigation renaissance may be under way ...

Yesterday I was really pleased to get a message from Ron Wisner, who had just read and really enjoyed ‘Sextant’.  He tells me that there is a ‘small renaissance’ in celestial navigation taking place on the other side of the Atlantic.  402 more words

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#802 We all get "sidetracked" once in a while

#802 Sidetracked/Crewe Alex – GC4BK0J
Having moved from Crewe 12 years ago, I still return on my own or most of the time with our son, to visit friends, today was one of those days, yet we couldn’t walk on and miss out on this cache as it was on our way to our friend’s home. 195 more words