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Models challenge temperature reconstruction of last 12,000 years

August 20, 2014 by Scott K. Johnson

Climate records, like tree rings or ice cores, are invaluable archives of past climate, but they each reflect their local conditions. 936 more words


Climate: What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic

Detailed ocean sediment layers paint clear picture of link between Arctic sea ice movement and ocean currents

Staff Report

FRISCO — An extraordinarily clear deposit of layered seafloor sediments has helped researchers explain the connection between Arctic sea ice movement and the movement of key ocean currents that redistribute warm water across the northern hemisphere. 725 more words

Climate And Weather

Climate Scam - The Warming Alarmist Payback Calculator

Its business as usual in Big Green world, as their Climate Religion Scam comes apart around them, the policy makers and propagandists continue to push ideas that are never going to win them new friends or stem the tide of dwindling support. 551 more words

Anthropogenic Global Warming

Self Heal: How Maintaining Current Emission Levels Will Solve Global Warming

Although the premise laid out in the title of this post seems counterintuitive, I think it will work. Hear me out…

In the last episode of its first season, the documentary series “The Years of Living Dangerously,” describes the harmful effects of climate change that have already begun and will soon accelerate. 131 more words


Climate Anxiety Counseling: Day 28 / Day 5 of the Washington County Fair

Weather: Warmest day yet. Sunny and slight breeze, downpour around 1pm, then clear again.

Time frame: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., so as not to get caught by end-of-fair traffic. 1,406 more words

Climate Anxiety Counseling

More Harsh Winters Could Spell Disaster For The Electrical Grid

Source: Daily Caller, by Michael Bastasch

If you thought last winter was bad, get ready for a potentially worse winter in parts of the country this year. 107 more words


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And with reduced generation capacity thanks to the EPA there is less reserve capacity in the GRID now. After all with global warming we don't need heat in the winter any more!

Parasitic Power: Solar Energy’s Five Fatal Flaws

By Viv Forbes ~

The sun is the most important energy source on Earth. It provides our daily warmth and light and the rotation and orbit of the earth turn its steady output into fluctuating day and night, summer and winter. 1,062 more words

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A good read and true! There is no way that you can make enough "grid" level power to replace carbon based fuels! Like most things there are applications for solar and wind but they are a best niche markets. If run the numbers myself its not all that hard and i would defy any competent engineer to show how say 25 Quad of grid power (meaning up and running 24/7) can be produces with wind or solar without government subsidies and be competitive with a carbon based fuel today --- not in some mythical distant future!