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WUWT: “Numbers released today by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center show that not only has July been abnormally cool in the USA, but so has 2014 in general. 125 more words


Montgomery Alabama Hits Record Lows

Montgomery Alabama Hits Record Lows

Someone needs to send this to Bill Weir over at CNN, and see if he goes off on another profanity-laced tirade, lol.  62 more words

Ethos of Green, Pathos of the Environment and Logos of Action

The Ethos of Green is driven by the Pathos of the Environment and limits the Logos of Action.

Whew! Is that a mouthful or what? To understand this statement, let us start with some definitions. 2,406 more words

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CNN's Bill Weir apologizes for calling Fox Nation Gore mockers 'willfully ignorant f**ksticks'

CNN’s Bill Weir apologized after he got a little angry yesterday at Fox Nation for using the word “climate” instead of “weather” when poking fun at Al Gore: 186 more words

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The 'Gore effect' turns ugly - CNN climate bias revealed

You know of the “Gore effect“, Wikiepedia describes it as  “…an informal and satirical term which alleges a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and… 344 more words


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My goodness, but these climate cultists are sensitive types. I guess that's what happens when all the empirical evidence turns against your preferred truth. Click through to see what I mean. (With the standard bad language warning.)

The "Scientific Consensus" That Global Warming Activists Are Always Mentioning

When an environmental studies scientist writes that the increased costs of natural disasters isn’t because of global warming climate change climate catastrophe, he immediately gets blacklisted on FiveThirtyEight, as well as attacked as a global warming denier… 15 more words

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Humans Driving Planet's New Mass Extinction, Say Scientists | Common Dreams

The planet appears to be at the early stages of its sixth mass extinction, and humans are responsible, a new study finds.

Published last week in the journal Science, the study incorporates scientific literature review and data analysis by a team of international scientists, led by author Rodolfo Dirzo, a professor of biology at Stanford. 10 more words

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