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More Marxist Inspired Climate Hysteria

The ABC, ever the faithful Marxists, are driving climate hysteria once again.

This time, it’s rising sea levels:

Future sea level rises could put more than $200 billion of Australian infrastructure at risk, a report by the Climate Council has found.

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More Spectacular Malfeasance At GISS

Gavin has very little data in Antarctica, but that didn’t stop him from turning a large region of -0.5 degree anomaly into a + 6 anomaly, and reporting to a precision of 0.01 degrees. 31 more words

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Facts don't matter only the optics!

Global Warming's First Victim of “the Totalitarian Temptation”

How Do We Silence Him?

Government scientists labeled him a “Denier” to shut him up. The climate research establishment wanted to make an example of him to keep others in line with the official ‘consensus’ view about the AGW hypothesis: that late 2oth century global warming was brought about by America’s success in increasing its standard of living –i.e., modernity caused global warming.  720 more words

The Cultural Hegemony Of Climate Superstition

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I’ll be discussing global warming in the Rocky Mountains live on the KGNU program, “A Public Affair” Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 8:30 a.m. You can listen streaming on the web by going to… 443 more words

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Michael Mann’s bias on Hockey Sticks

Two major gripes of mine with the “Climate Consensus” are their making unsubstantiated claims from authority, and a total failure to acknowledge when one of their own makes stupid, alarmist comments that contradict the peer-reviewed consensus. 696 more words

Climate Change Analysis

Melting ice is destabilising the polar vortex, study claims

  • Polar vortex was responsible for freezing temperatures in the US this winter
  • It is a large pocket of very cold air that sits over the polar region…
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