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Coal Plants: Colorado and the US

Colorado has a renewable energy portfolio standard for energy utility companies:

Investor-owned utilities: 30% by 2020
Electric cooperatives serving fewer than 100,000 meters: 10% by 2020…

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Carbon Credits - The Great Scam

Carbon Credits have been sold as Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) insurance policies. ¬†The problem is that this description¬†is so dishonest it makes Bernie Madoff’s… 453 more words


It's hurricane season; better prepare for another grid blackout

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches its crescendo, the US government warns people to prepare for blackouts. The vast majority of people who are affected by hurricanes are affected by a blackout because the fragile grid infrastructure fails. 163 more words

"Vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor" discovered in Siberian Arctic Sea | Daily Kos

Vast methane plumes have been discovered boiling up from the seafloor of the Arctic ocean on the continental slope of the Laptev Sea by a dream team of international scientists. 119 more words

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Fabric Building

Here is an actual Sharknado Week story from Chatham, Massachusetts, where the beach goers have been startled by the appearance of Great White Sharks. In true American-do spirit, the town is … 526 more words

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If All the Ice Melted

Provably you have heard of a repetitive matter called climate change which, despite some people deny it exists, it is out there. The Earth temperature is rising and that melts the… 62 more words