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Foreign activists with an agenda against Sarawak

In the last few years, the Sarawak government of Abdul Taib Mahmud has been defined by two issues – the ambitious plans for industrial and agricultural development, with the rather ugly name SCORE, and the powerful, almost manic voices of the opposition. 1,145 more words

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EU makes it a bit harder to launder money

Europe to disclose the true owners of companies – but not trusts | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

“Today the EU has gone a long way towards making life harder for the corrupt politicians, money launderers and other criminals who hide their loot behind European shell companies,” said Robert Palmer, anti-money laundering campaign leader at Global Witness. 68 more words

Announcing Who Controls It: a proof-of-concept beneficial ownership register

Beneficial Ownership is a terrible expression. Outside of the NGO and anti-money-laundering community, nobody knows what it means, or why it’s important. In fact the UK now refers to this information as Persons of Significant Control, which is another bit of jargon, but does a slightly better job of explaining what we mean – which is to be able to answer the central question about any company that you are thinking of doing business with/working for/regulating: who or what is controlling it. 321 more words


Forged evidence linked to NGO

So, as the reader may already guess, we are unimpressed with the antics of Sarawak Report, Bruno Manser Fund and Global Witness. This is not because we want to deflate the debate on the future of Sarawak, because this debate has huge implications for Malaysia, and the choices are not straightforward. 1,127 more words

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Human rights abuses & the global mining industry – governments start taking action

Most of us are completely unaware of where the raw materials to make our gadgets or fancy jewellery come from. Some may have heard of ‘blood diamonds’, particularly if you’ve seen the 2006 Leonardo Dicaprio… 1,433 more words


A tale of two Peru's?

Mongabay, an online enviromentalist publication, carried a story today about four environmentalists gunned down by Peruvian troops protecting illegal logging in the country’s rain forest. 664 more words

Australia and "illegal" logging in Papua New Guinea

When making the case for the things they do, ideologues oft times like to espouse a kind of package deal in an attempt to obliterate a legitimate term. 508 more words