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How do you define your sense of identity in a society that focuses on multiculturalism?

This is something that I have always been subconsciously aware of since I was young. My question, shaped in many words and analogies, concepts and ideas of varying complexity throughout the years, simply boils down to: 759 more words


CATO Institute: Cuba Libre? An End to the Counterproductive Cuban Embargo

President Obama’s announcement to overhaul U.S. policy toward Cuba is historic. And, according to Cato scholar Juan Carlos Hidalgo, president’s move should be uncontroversial. 162 more words

Barack Obama

Help the Cuban Opposition, Not the Castros

In July 2013, I had the opportunity to speak with two prominent Cuban dissidents, Elizardo Sanchez and Guillermo Farinas. Both men had been supporters of the Castros—Sanchez as an academic, Farinas as a soldier—but had come to realize the real brutal, authoritarian nature of their Communist regime. 980 more words

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Measuring the influence of languages

An amazing visualization of the use and influence of languages around the world is one of the products of The Global Language Network, a project by the… 368 more words


China's Wanda Opens First Movie Theme Park in Wuhan

WUHAN – Dalian Wanda group, the Chinese conglomerate that controls the AMC cinema chain in North America, Saturday gave official openings to its latest entertainment industry extravaganzas. 169 more words


A New Story for People of Earth - timely and needed!

This video is an important one. I posted it once before and really felt it was timely to share it again with you today!

All my love to all my friends around the world, the one’s I know and ALL those I’ve yet to meet!

~ Penny


Attention aux Blancs ! Watch of White people ! Cuidado com os Brancos!

Le Ku Klux Klan recrute des vétérans – Partie 1

VICE enquête au Mississippi, où le Ku Klux Klan connaît une hausse de membres, grâce à une stratégie qui cible les vétérans de retour d’Irak et d’Afghanistan. 165 more words