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Venceremos! Across the world, the left slowly wakes up

If Greece gave birth to democracy, tonight it has woken it up from the longest of sleeps. At the time of writing, exit polls suggest that… 1,241 more words


My blog's title is pretty self-explanatory

It’s also actually a bit of an understatement. I have been a hardcore fan of the reality show Big Brother since 2010. Although most of my knowledge is about the U.S. 119 more words


4 Walls and 4 Corners

4 Walls And 4 Corners





Knocking at my door.

Who could that be?

No one visits anymore.

Now that I was confused, 429 more words


Madeira Embroidery

Here is a beautiful book about the history of Madeira embroidery.


Berlin Festival: Food Obsession Documentary 'F***ing Perfect' Set For Int'l Rollout

“Sergio Herman, F***ing Perfect,” a documentary about an obsessive Dutch chef which plays next month in the Berlin festival, is set for international distribution.

Rights to the film outside the Benelux region have been picked up by Amsterdam and Hong Kong-based sales company Fortissimo Films. 161 more words


Dawn of the third day...

Good morning all,

It is the final day of Global Games Jam 2015 and the deadline of 3PM is looming ever closer.

The end is nigh and we have been working our little cotton socks off on our project, Admission. 57 more words


Rotterdam Film Review: 'Norfolk'

Urban legend has it that doctors in the region devised the code “Normal for Norfolk” — “NFN” for short — to describe the average mental state of the English county’s supposedly eccentric population. 652 more words

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