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African Asian Writers Conference (The News)

Should globalization be rejected out rightly?

By Babar Ayaz

At a recent conference in Islamabad progressive writers the theme was: “Design of Global cultural hegemony and the writers’ role in the defense of the heritage, culture and peace”. 1,959 more words

Time for the UN to go

Source: Veterans Today, by Michael Shrimpton, August 31st, 2014

The hysterical, mostly anti-semitic, allegations against Israel of ‘war crimes’, with their disturbing overtones of the 1930s, over the perfectly proper counter-terrorist operation in Gaza, reveal a grotesque misapprehension of the Law of War. 591 more words


eCommerce in Europe: Size Matters

Commerce, with only 2 e’s please!

We’ve all heard the stats and we don’t need them to tell us: we all prefer to buy in our own language. 1,342 more words


(What's Left of) Our Economy: The Real and Surprising Lessons of China's Bullying of Foreign Firms

It was tempting to dismiss a recent Financial Times op-ed by a China-based international lawyer with a few (appropriately) cynical tweets. The author, after all, was urging the Chinese government to heed Premier Li Keqiang’s call for more rule of law in the People’s Republic, and wrote that abundant evidence indicated that Beijing authorities are picking exclusively on foreign firms in their investigations of corporate wrongdoing. 795 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

Liberals, More Liberals, Race in Madison Wisconsin (My Year in Review)

After moving from NorCal and spending four years of college in Los Angeles, I knew I had to leave. LA was not my city. I didn’t see eye to eye (to put it gently) with the blatant commercialism, the car culture, the beach-bourgeois glamour, the sunlight beating down on all those boxy cement buildings. 551 more words


Celebrate diversity on the High Street

While all parts of planet Earth become ever more closely interconnected, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they all become the same.

In 2014, the Indian retail scene still appears exotically old world to someone from the UK. 298 more words


My Liberal Labor Day Fantasy

Today is Labor Day, our annual celebration of American workers.  The holiday was created about a century ago, during the golden age of unions… 1,307 more words