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Occupation redux

In the (proposed) 1899 Hague Regulations, the basic premise of the law of occupation was stated:

The country invaded submits to the law of the invader; that is a fact; that is might; but we should not legalize the exercise of this power in advance, and admit that might makes right (Beernaert in Benvenisti, 2012, 90). 660 more words

How a 7-Year-Old Outsmarted Common Core*

How a 7-Year-Old Outsmarted Common Core*

Under the Common Core education standards, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s 7-year-old son was required to explain why 18 + 4 = 22. 48 more words


Yeni ekonomiyi anlamak

Teknolojinin ekonomi üzerindeki etkisini anlamak ve tanımlamak üzere pek çok çalışma yapılıyor. Teknolojinin üretim faktörleri içinde sayılıp sayılamayacağı da hararetle tartışılıyor. Hayatımıza giren ve artık giyilebilecek kadar kullanıcı dostu olan teknolojik gelişmeler ekonominin başına da “yeni” tanımlamasını getirmemize yol açıyor. 39 more words

Ecommerce Social Commerce

Vidal-Ortiz, S. 2009. "The Figure of the Transwoman of Color through the Lens of 'Doing Gender'".

Vidal-Ortiz, Salvador. 2009. “The Figure of the Transwoman of Color through the Lens of ‘Doing Gender.’” Gender and Society 23 (1): 99-103.

Inquires: what do you imagine the transwoman of color? 201 more words

Countdown To Quals

Finish this sentence - I find it hard when...

Yeah, we all have those moments. Right now? It’s half past 12 in the morning, and I have to be awake and ready for school in 7 hours. 488 more words


Globalization of SMEs: a great opportunity or too high a risk? - Leading experts reveal their strategy

Increasing globalization presents SMEs with new challenges. National markets are converging together ever more closely, the Internet is almost a “new continent”. It is considered to be one of the most important future markets. 309 more words