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Notes for Theodore Kisiel's "Heidegger's Philosophical Geopolitics in the Third Reich"

Comparison of Heidegger to Socrates in corrupting the Youth! Seducer= (Verfuhrer).

May 1933—Rektoratsrede. You need to read this!

HUGE Heidegger quotation from EM. Links GLOBALIZATION to the CORE of HEIDEGGER’s CONCERNS. 613 more words

Why The News Media Sucks

by Waking Times

Video – Why do the news media and so many media site offer so little hard-hitting investigative journalism? Is the news media… 32 more words


Globalization - A protocol for a joint collaborative project

In designing a first draft of a protocol for a joint collaborative project, we will seek to answer the following questions:

  • How can each school make relevant contributions from their own local identity and contribute to a globalized mindset?
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International Marketing Translation: the Pitfalls and Possibilities

If Coca Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken can make expensive, comical international marketing mistakes, with all of the marketing translation these giant corporations have done over decades, then it’s clearly easy. 579 more words


Minimum wage rise doesn't have any effect to unemployment: Reports

WAGE – Three

When restaurants pay restaurant workers enough so that even they can afford to eat in restaurants, that’s not bad for the restaurant business.- Nick Hanauer, a plutocrat…

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Swiss Banks could create a different model for Fintech innovation capital

On Monday, the Fintech City Tour took a return trip to Zurich, where I moderated a Meetup Panel with three startups:



Dragon Wealth… 3,198 more words

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