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The 6 Drivers of Global Change (according to Al Gore)

There is a clear consensus that the future now emerging will be extremely different from anything we have ever known in the past. Is is a difference not of degree but of kind.

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Evolution and spirituality

Hello Chris!

During my masters in psychology I attended a few classes on evolutionary psychology and I found them very interesting. Of course, I have only a general understanding of the field, but I think a few of the basic ideas are very interesting and applicable to my discussions about spirituality and every-day-life issues. 1,661 more words

The Core Of The 50K+ Employees Org - The ‘Employees‘!

One of the best experiences of working with an organization like Prozant is being able to work with a diverse set of people from all across the country and at times with folks from different countries as well. 755 more words


Globalization: Fighting For Perfection and a New World

          Sure, we don’t have World Wars anymore. The question is, why? Was it because we were afraid nuking the whole world? Was it because the UN was powerful enough to prevent them? 442 more words

(What's Left of) Our Economy: Sauce for the Canada Goose on Trade and Investment

Whatever you think of the corporate tax inversion thing, Jared Bernstein’s recent Washington Post item on the subject contained a valuable reminder of (a) the importance of sovereignty in international economic policy, and (b) the imperative of the United States using its own national power much more unabashedly and effectively in this sphere. 392 more words


Global Governance and Internet Control*

Global Governance and Internet Control*

By, William F. Jsaper 

In a recent essay entitled, “The Strategic Significance of the Internet Commons,” former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff describes cyberspace and the Internet as a “global commons” that must come under “global governance.” This is the latest salvo in an ongoing campaign by a disparate congeries of internationalists, socialists, communists, and jihadists to turn over control of the Internet to some sort of regime under the United Nations. 1,268 more words

Global Governance