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The day I said enough is enough

Did you ever have a day where it seemed like it’s never going to end?  The kind of day when being happy and positive simply doesn’t work?   1,124 more words


A Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day here in Ankara, and I really wonder whether this is the weather that will greet me every morning for the next 9 months or so. 331 more words


A little longer

I’m not ready yet.

This feeling, it keeps haunting me today. Maybe I’m just being too hasty to start this thing on. Aside from the doubt, I don’t have any idea what to put in this. 40 more words


One for the road

Somedays I get stuck in a funk and everything looks better dreary and in black and white. I should call it a night. Maybe tomorrow I will walk out into the sun and life will be good again.



And sometimes...

.. and sometimes it feels like in the end you just walk alone… everything falls behind and you carry on. Simply because what else are you going to do really.. 14 more words


365 Grateful: 09.15.2014

So I head into work this morning. The sky’s a beautiful blue with white puffy clouds, the air crisp with the coolness of a September morning. 110 more words