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Ruven Afandor.

With Halloween coming up I thought I would give you all some fashion inspired Halloween style pictures. I’m a  big fan of this photographers work – Ruven Afandor – internationally renowned photographer of limitless imagination, powerful vision and profound sense of self. 82 more words

Gloom = CASUAL

It was a 100% dark denim, v-neck, ankle boots type of day.

It was a gloomy day in L.A & I LOVED it! But I wasn’t in such a mood to dress cute to my job but I love the color combo :] & my owl necklace. 6 more words

Immediately Fall

Author’s Note: I must tell you this, I wrote half of this while being sick—this always happens when my body feels that it’s “officially” Fall—so, please pardon my grammar and what not. 352 more words

Life As It Is


Yes, times may be tough but it’s nothing you cannot handle. As the Sun nears the end of one Scorpio solar cycle you must expect things to be a bit gray and glum but it’s okay: a few days from now your fortunes will be transformed. 261 more words


déjà vu

you can see my dimming eyes
and hear all the voices in my head
yet you can’t seem to comprehend why
my heart echoes the dead… 122 more words


The Wrong Kind Of Music

The sound of my skin separating

Was a terrible and beautiful thing

Like violin strings vibrating

In excruciatingly beautiful harmony

I drew the bow across my flesh… 49 more words

Inked Thoughts