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Putting the 'grenade' in pomegranate

The grocery stores here are fancy French (Carrefour and Monoprix, mostly) and awfully good. Surprisingly good, considering Qatar imports 90% of its food. Now my kids can’t import a flipping sandwich to school without it getting smooshed into a gluey mess, but somehow they get fruits and vegetables to Qatar that look like they were just picked. 155 more words

I'm A Newborn Expat

The Doha Dozen

Have I mentioned that it is very hot outside? It is too hot to exercise, unless you want to lose 18 pounds of water and slip into a heat-induced coma. 279 more words

I'm A Newborn Expat

Neighbor Bread

Here’s the story: on Wednesday morning, I went to my friend Stephanie J’s house for coffee. She served the MOST DELICIOUS coffee cake EVER. It turned out to be a recipe one of the neighbor’s had given her…and she had used figs that another neighbor had given her to make it. 360 more words

Friend Time

Tea time snack - carrot muffin

This is my first bake since arriving in the UK. I’ve been so looking forward to baking again after a hiatus of 5 months.

I’m happy.

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