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Sempre Libera

I’ll be posting about freedom this week. Because freedom to actually be happy and love life is a long-time wish I was granted recently. I wish that for you this week (and always), too :)


Bald. Blond. Black. (A New Type of Goddess)

I watch them walk
those new goddesses
Stand tall
Walk bold
Glow grand
Aura gold
Your hair cut low in defiance or declaration, I never mind it until we’re alone and can talk some more… 96 more words

2 Corinthians; Hope Of Glory.

People who follow Jesus have this unshakable, sure and certain hope.

Did you know that?

We have a hope of glory. Hope that death isn’t the end. 1,012 more words


Birth Story: Part 6 – Calvin, the One Who Brought the Angels!

Two years after Cooper was born, the time had come for me to give birth again. Once again, my water broke during the night. I went to the bathroom and returned to bed to try to get some sleep before the contractions started. 1,538 more words

Voice Of God

Desire to Seek True Knowledge

Proverbs 1:7 KJV
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Beloved, the first thing that many schools throw out of any discussion or pursuit of knowledge is God. 241 more words


50 Glorious DIY Autumn/ Halloween Decoration Ideas In Gold

Autumn is the most sweet and romantic time of the year. The sweet summer leisure days are nearly over and experiencing some cooler temperatures with the begging of autumn colors everywhere we start feeling the end of long hot days. 19 more words

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