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Open Data - A really simple walk-through for service leads

Today, I have been working on drafting up a list of datasets that I’d like to open up in Trafford (More on this in a later post). 901 more words


8 photography terms that commonly confuse beginners

While photography is certainly an artistic endeavor, the tools are heavily rooted in optics and physics, and the jargon isn’t always entirely clear. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common points of confusion for beginning photographers. 1,020 more words

Epilepsy Glossary -- 100+ Terms Defined

Even if you do have epilepsy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you know all the lingo. (I didn’t!) So here are some definitions of medical terms related to epilepsy… 2,510 more words



Erotema (e-ro-tem’-a): The rhetorical question. To affirm or deny a point strongly by asking it as a question. Generally, as Melanchthon has noted, the rhetorical question includes an emotional dimension, expressing wonder, indignation, sarcasm, etc. 44 more words

Figures Of Speech

Getting Rid - Our approach to releasing the stuff that we make

Go Ugly Early. Rapid Deployment. Release Early, Release Often. Show The Thing. Rapid Prototyping.

These are all fancy names for an approach that we’re trying to take in the Innovation and Intelligence Lab. 221 more words


sailing 101 - Caribbean edition

The definitive glossary of sailing terms for new sailors…if you’re the type of new sailor who mostly just lays around on the boat while it cruises around the Caribbean. 902 more words