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Medieval GAUNTLETS Armor METAL GLOVES Pair Set Straightforward

A chain mail, sometimes referred as just mail, is a protective garment made out of iron rings that are woven together to give an overcoat type covering to the knight hereby looking like a body suit. 250 more words


Ironclad Performance Wear BHG04L Box Handler Gloves Large Quantity

?Chelsea Handler, host of the popular E,Spyder jacket sale! channel talk show Chelsea Lately, is now the executive producer and co-star of the new NBC sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? 313 more words


Getting started

I have a mother that has been dialysis patient for 5 years now and she has always complained that she can not wear jumpers/ cardigans when she goes in for her treatment. 172 more words


Miss Nurse Proclamation #3

I will never forget the sight of my first stage 4 decubitus ulcer. Don’t forget to irrigate from clean to dirty. Don’t forget the undermining. And most of all, after you take off the bandage and the dressing in the ulcer, CHANGE YOUR GLOVES! Stay clean.


Discover the Best Baseball Gloves

Discover the Best Baseball Gloves

Choosing a baseball glove that perfectly fits your need takes research. This is almost impossible to do while you shop online. 23 more words

To become a superhero

Since we were little kids we have wanted to dress up like our favorite superhero. Sometimes it can be tough to achieve this goal because you might be short on cash at the moment. 70 more words