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Got Mandelbrot? A Mandelbrot set test pattern for the GStreamer OpenGL Plugins

I wanted to introduce you into the next station in my Mandelbrot world domination tour. Using C and GLSL this Mandelbrot set visualization can be rendered to a video file. 58 more words

Simple Mandelbrot Set Visualization in GLSL with WebGL

After experimenting with pyopengl and OpenGL 3.3 core pipelines in Python I noticed that Python 3 OpenGL 3 support needs a little more bindings work. Especially the GLEW stuff. 61 more words

GLSL Syntax Highlighting in Visual Studio Express 2013

I have been working primarily with OpenGL and C++ recently. Like many people I discovered the wonderful world of shaders through websites like Shadertoy¬†created by… 1,443 more words

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OpenVDB: Setting up OpenVDB on Linux and MacOSX

You may begin to notice a pattern with some of the projects and things I talk about in the first few posts. Most of them come from University projects that I undertook in the final two years of my studies. 2,753 more words


How to get syntax highlighting for GLSL in Vim

GLSL shaders are typically written in standalone files. To get syntax highlighting for these files in Vim:

  • Make sure that the file has one of these extensions: …
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Programmable OpenGL pipeline C++ Skeleton Program Structure

Since i had a hard time to shift from conventional and old fixed openGL programming style to modern OpenGL pipeline which requires us to write shaders. 961 more words

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File naming convention for GLSL shaders

Vertex, fragment and geometry shader programs can be written in GLSL. These are usually written in separate files. Any filename and extension can be used for GLSL shader files since the language standard does not enforce anything. 54 more words