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I am the guy who is into 3D technology. Last semester, I implemented HBAO as my final project in Realtime Rendering and Physics simulation subject. The project was challenge and bloody hard to debug. 133 more words

Mesh Iterations

Experiments with dynamic mesh generation and realtime effects in openFrameworks. The mesh is animated using simplex noise, lighting and depth-of-field effects are achieved using shaders and by calculating normals for the mesh.





attribute vec3 normalvector;

varying vec3 mynorm;

varying vec3 mypos;

void main()


vec4 transformed;

mynorm = gl_NormalMatrix*normalvector;

transformed = gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_Vertex;

mypos = vec3( transformed.x, transformed.y, transformed.z);


gl_FrontColor = gl_Color;


gl_Position = ftransform();


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3D 그래픽 수학

___________ 2

Friday, time to combine one week’s work.
These GLSL snaps use:
- Environment Reflection
- Baked Ambiant Occlusion
- Phong Lighting
- Custom Wireframing
- Normal Mapping… 13 more words