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Windfall Green Tomato Chutney

Our lovely neighbour dropped off a whole shoebox of green tomatoes, meaning only one thing – windfall chutney! For years my mum has made green tomato chutney in a bid to use up the last fruit on the vines from my dad’s greenhouse. 319 more words


What to do with a Glut..part 1 tomatoes

It’s September, the time of year when I neglect my allotment. But also the time of year when despite not even visiting for 2 weeks I go to find all of this… 614 more words


For My Yoga Enthusiasts - Donkey Kicks

 Sorry but as you get to know me, there is nothing I enjoy more than laughing and the silliest things can make me laugh.  Anyone who has done yoga with me in class knows how much I dislike donkey kicks, so when I saw this I was inspired to share it……although it is a great glut exercise…. 18 more words


Summer: The Encore

Since Summer seems to be back for an encore I thought I’d cultivate the summer spirit and post some pictures taken back in July by my pal Andy Hockridge at  70 more words


Glutton for Punishment

August, I have learned, is a month best spent in the kitchen rather than on the plot. Turn your back on the kitchen in August at your peril.  309 more words

Agent Sophie

Favourite Courgette Recipes

All of a sudden, our courgette plants have become laden with fat, juicy fruits. One minute there were nothing but tiddlers, then I turned my back for a week and when I peered under the leaves again, was faced with a 1.2kg monster as well as a handful of more sensibly proportioned courgettes. 1,286 more words