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Espresso Yourself Brownie Cake (Grain Free Brownies Made With Almond Flour)

It’s a brownie! It’s a cake! It’s a bro-cake, to paraphrase.  Short, sweet and to the point. This soft and fluffy dessert looks like a brownie, but acts like a cake. 229 more words

Spoon And Apron Original Recipe

Spring Asparagus, Pistachio, and Quinoa Salad with Honey-Herb Dressing

To be honest, sometimes I struggle to come up with stories to tell you all here on the blog. I make something that I really want to share with you because it’s sweet and delightful, wholesome and nourishing, or quick enough to make your everyday choices healthy and easy. 708 more words

Gluten Free

Hello again + Cheesy Pumpkin and Spring Onion Omelette

I really have neglected my blog for the past fortnight or so.. It’s true, I’m sorry baby. Look, sometimes life just gets in the way of things you want to do, for instance; uni is riding my back something chronic and with only about four weeks to go, it doesn’t look like she’s planning on jumping off anytime soon. 122 more words


Gluten-Free Banana Spice Muffins

It’s starting to get chilly and dark earlier each day in London, and everyone is moaning about winter coming but I am one of those annoying people that loves winter and everything about it, so I can’t wait for the cold, the snow, the mulled wine, and most of all CHRISTMAS; although I was born in February so I might be just a little biased. 202 more words


Rustic "Pheasant" Chicken and Root Vegetables.

This is such a great “comfort” food dish. Super easy and just hits every single tastebud with extraordinary FLAVORS. Such a great “fall”Meal as well!! Some many intense and great FLAVORS going on in this dish it’s freaking “NUTS”!! 298 more words


Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers

~6-10 peppers
~2.5 lbs ground turkey
~1/2 onion – chopped fine
~2 tbsp chopped cilantro or parsley
~2 tsp minced garlic
~2 tsp garlic powder… 98 more words


Healthy Gluten Free "Jammy Dodgers"

This will keep you going…

For those of you who live outside of Ireland and Europe – Jammy Dodgers are basically sugar cookies with a jam filling. 689 more words