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Tips and Tricks to Gluten-Free Cooking: Episode 2

Part of the difficulty with a gluten-free diet is knowing that every ingredient used is actually gluten-free.  This is a really difficult task when it comes to eating food that someone else prepared, like a friend or family, but when it comes to cooking for yourself it’s completely in your control. 383 more words


Gluten-Free Vegan Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Fall is my favorite season (well…almost. Winter will always be my favorite, but just barely). I love the colors of the leaves, the gorgeous cool weather, rainstorms, spiced apple cider, and getting to wear coats again. 444 more words


The most delightful Hot Chocolate

When the weather turns cold and miserable, a nourishing hot chocolate can warm you from the inside. The best bit is that it can be both healthy and incredibly tasty. 92 more words


What to do with...

… a jar of red onion and balsamic relish? 

When I picked up this jar I anticipated ending up making something savoury. But when I tasted it I was surprised just how sweet it is. 295 more words


Rice Crispy Treats

Happy Friday! My Great Grandmother used to make us Rice Crispy Treats every summer when we visited her. She cut them in perfect squares, wrapped them in wax paper, and placed them in small white boxes for us. 164 more words


GF and low FODMAP Cookies (Ben's Style)

If you live in London or perhaps have visited you might have come across Ben’s Cookies. If you did come across it back when you could have wheat you’ll know that they make the best cookies in the world! 329 more words


Spiced Pear Sauce

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall around here, which means we are getting in to apple and pear season.  Thanks to the annual apple sale at the farm where Jeth works, I’m getting my fix of homemade applesauce lately – I’d eat it by the jar if I could.   585 more words

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