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Chambelland, Paris

Every time I go the this lovely artisan bakery in Paris, Chambelland, dedicated exclusively to gluten-free, I take the rue Oberkampf and I can’t but remember the words of Jean Genet when he describes this street in the book “L’atelier  d’Alberto Giacometti” : “ 463 more words


The healthiest bread option out there!

We consume bread on a daily basis and most of these are processed in the factory. Breads are made from grains like wheat, flour, and other processed grains. 273 more words

Gluten Free Bread

Flying Gluten Free: British Airways (Traveller Plus) Gluten Free Meals (Winter 2014)

As a infrequent leisure traveller, I have enjoyed the offerings from British Airways. They cater for many different allergens and on previous travels I have had my   693 more words

Product Review:

'Free from' foods can make you fat - think before you eat

I recently read, in a not very friendly Daily Telegraph article –  that the ‘free from’ food sales in the UK hit £0.5 billion last year and ‘gluten free’ alone is ‘worth’ £238 million a year. 1,580 more words

Home Made Banana Bread

Gluten free ✓ Delicious ✓ Made with love ✓

If you haven’t already realised that i LOVEEE bananas, well maybe you gotta read more of my recipes ;) Bananas are natures jewels. 513 more words


Gluten-Free Peasant Bread

While I was home a few weeks ago, I thought I’d try a new gf bread recipe. This one turned out to be fairly satisfying! The egg whites provide structure for the dough, so it has a good crusty outside, is reasonably sturdy when sliced, and has a pretty good flavor that’s great with the extra sharp cheddar you may have just picked up at the local farmer’s market! 442 more words


Carbaholics Anonymous | Best Store-bought Gluten Free Breads

The worst thing about being gluten free is the fact that bread costs me $6+ a loaf. I got myself a fancy bread maker as a wedding gift and tried my hand at baking loaves of bread weekly, but the amount of money I was spending on fancy ingredients and the time it took just yielded subpar results. 484 more words

Gluten Free Living