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Gluten-Free Low-Carb Burger Bun!

I think anybody who’s ever bought gluten-free bread will feel the same annoyance that I do about the fact that most store-bought gluten-free loaves or bread rolls are TINY.   326 more words


Eating out in Dublin while Celiac: A Review

Today I have two restaurant reviews that are less reviews of the food and more reviews of eating out while celiac. My issues may come across as a bit whiney and to be honest I think it is fear of the appearance of whinging that stops a lot of celiacs complaining to or about restaurants. 1,590 more words


Nearly Edible Gluten-Free Bread + A Word From our Sponsors (Me)

Hiiiiiiii, remember me? My name is Marcella and I try to bake and sometimes it is edible?? You do?! Okay good, I was scared for a sec. 482 more words

Flax on! - Flax off! (I bet Mr. Miyagi was wise enough to eat Flax seeds)

For several years, Flax seeds have been a staple ingredient in my diet.  For some, flax plays a supporting role to the superstars like salads, soups and smoothies of a meal. 608 more words

Healing Foods

Gluten free baked dukkah + crumb crusted fish

Only the best blue eye cod for this little duck.  10minute roast time .  Ticks all the right boxes, including pre prep.  Perfect.

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