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Deep Roots

We are hanging at The Wolfville Farmers Market listening to The Fortunate One’s from Saint John’s NFLD. Awesome. The Deep Roots music festival is on now this weekend. Loads of Canadian talent.


Rye-less Rye Bread Mix with Sunflower Seeds by Well&Good

I did not try all yeast and gluten free commercial bread mixes, but from what I reviewed, this Rye-less rye Bread Mix manufactured by Well&Good  is the best sandwich bread I had so far. 634 more words


Product Review: Helen's Brilliant Bread (Ready Mix made, baked and tasted!)

As it is another Bread Week on the Great British Bake Off, it was timely to get out my bread-maker and make some GLUTEN FREE Bread. 379 more words

Product Review:

Genius: Spicy Fruit Loaf!

I was visiting a friend the other week and this opened my eyes to a whole new world of gluten-free bread: Genius- Sliced Spicy Fruit Loaf. 240 more words

Gluten Free


You would never have known it was Spring here in Brisbane! The last few nights have been pretty Winter like! I know it won’t last very long though (yay!).   293 more words


Best Bacon Butties and Elevenses. Fact.

Is it just me or are other Coeliac’s a bit frustrated by ‘alternative’ foods? By this I mean ‘gluten free’ versions of what everyone else is eating? 230 more words


Food Review: Chebe Focaccia Bread

Being gluten free kind of sucks. We all know that. There are things that I’ll randomly get a craving for and it can be hard to find. 321 more words