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Simple chorizo, chickpea and corn soup

This soup is simple. It is simple like the child of two cousins. Even if you are one of those less fortunate people who seem to display an unbridled level of devotion to the ancient art of fucktardery (when clearly your energy could be more wisely spent on the lesser arts of tapestry, or possibly midget throwing) you can make this soup. 383 more words


Chicken thighs with cavolo nero and corn pilaf… and a guy named Phil

First you need Phil. Phil is a guy I work with and he likes gardening. Phil grows vegetables and makes pickles and preserves, and makes his own butter, cheese and yoghurt to boot. 617 more words


Getting pickled… lentils and beans, that is

I love getting pickled. In fact, you could say that I have made somewhat of a career out of getting pickled. I don’t know if it is my German-Polish heritage rearing it’s ugly but lovable head, like the child peering around the corner while his parents are engaging in a little “special time”, but without getting pickled, my life is ass pointless as a silent letter. 346 more words


Almost healthy rocky road type thing

Do you like a bit of chocolate on the odd occasion?

I like a bit of chocolate on the odd occasion. I don’t like to admit it though. 359 more words


Pork fillet with lentils, tomato and salsa verde

The rains are coming down noisily in our (yeah, we’ve claimed them now) not-so-long-ago tranquil Northern Rivers. There has still been a lot of heat getting about the place, but right now the heavens they are emptying their bladder that’s for sure. 578 more words


Jennee's Sunday Spread… Singapore chicken satay, pakoras and other stuff

Jennee’s Sunday Spread

If there is something I’ve grown accustomed to it is returning home on a Sunday afternoon to Jen’s famous Sunday spread.

No. This is not a new weekly segment aimed at letting you in to the more intricate details of my life… or wife… or both of the above. 774 more words


Pulled pork with jerk spices, posh 'slaw, pickled carrot and jalapeño yoghurt

Pulled pork just sounds wrong. It sounds like something a million teenage boys across the world may be doing at any one time. It sounds like something I should not touch if it were served to me on a plate. 597 more words