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Jamaican Goat Curry Mun

I am not sure where this recipe came from (although as I look at the title of this story I figure it could have originated somewhere in the vicinity of Jamaica) but it is one I have been cooking for many years and, as a bit of goat had managed to find it’s way into my possession, I sensed it was time to feel a little Caribbean sun in my belly once again. 450 more words


Goulash… that's all

There are one thousand and forty three websites out there in the mystical land of the inter-web super-highway (yeah I counted) that are more than happy to inform you of the facts about the humble goulash; how it is the national dish of Hungary, who ate it and what the essential ingredients should be. 414 more words


Wooli part 5… Mongrel Oysters Kilpatrick

Mongrel Oysters Kilpatrick

Wooli may not be home to hipster cafes or trendy restaurants. In fact it’s sole café is only open, and I quote the guy out the front with the sea farers moustache, “Thursdy through Sundy” (I’m pretty sure that guy does the opening hours for the café and restaurant and oyster farm because no one seems to stick to a time table around here), and it’s only restaurant is at the lawn bowls club, operates out of a 2×4 rabbit hutch of a designated service window in a darkened corner of said club, and is named, like all good Aussie-Chinese restaurants should be, Harry’s Chinese Restaurant. 515 more words


Wooli part 1… Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce

We’ve hit Wooli. No not wooly, Wooli. Wooly is something like slippers or a word that is like verbal Viagra to a Kiwi. So Wooli, another of those cracking little seaside towns the boys and I like to frequent on my annual break. 686 more words


Chicken, potato and black pepper curry… and my freezing fingers

It’s early in the a.m. Like, really early. Like, there is no chance that the sun shall be reprieving the moon of his night duties anytime soon. 396 more words


The Silence of the Boys Eating the Lambs… Well, the lamb's belly anyhow

I ventured into the shop of my local purveyor of quality meats a while back to procure my good person a quantity bacon for the impending bacon week celebrations, when I noticed the butcher was taking the bellies off some lambs. 492 more words


More Bacon Week Goodness… Pan de bono with bacon

Doing my bit for Bacon Week

As I mentioned in my last post, it is Bacon Week. So aside from just eating (I really don’t wish to make this task seem menial or mundane, as it is something that always fills my heart with joy) my favourite cured pork product, or quite possibly even my favourite piece of my favourite animal ever, like the shore bound sailor eats the prostitutes vag… i… n… nothing… I shall also be trying new and exciting things with my friend, the bacon. 850 more words