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Blog's Big Burgers

I was a very picky eater when I was a kid. I avoided anything green, and hated trying anything deviating from my own set menu. When my family went out, my parents would look for any restaurant that had the “Jackie Seal of Approval.” Chicken fingers and pasta was a safe bet. 846 more words

Arugula pesto pasta

I made this for lunch last Friday. A day off from work thanks to the holiday weekend – there is nothing better than making a proper lunch at home. 227 more words


My Gluten Free Kitchen

Since not being able to work and workouts being fairly very limited, I have been able to focus on some other things. Mainly easy projects around the house and meal planning to make dinner every night. 341 more words


Happy Easter everyone. If you observe this day, I hope it is filled with family, joy and good food.

Today we had a veal stew. I know its not quite lamb, but its what I had. 107 more words


Happy Spring!!

OK, we know it’s not “officially” Spring but, to most of us, Easter Sunday does mark Spring’s unofficial start.  So, we thought we’d share some “moments” that are helping us to put that llllooooonnnggg, dreadful winter far back in the rearview mirror. 225 more words

Steve King

Lentils, Onions, Rice and Potato with Baharat (serves 4)

While the technique with the potatoes resembles that for tadiq, this pan is not hot enough and the recipe has too much liquid to produce a caramelized bottom crust. 283 more words

Vegan Main Dishes

Gluten Free Pizza.

Pizza. This Polish, half yankee girl loves some pizza. And most gluten free pizza is totally nasty.. I mean. Don’t even try it. It’s nasty. Tonight, with no plan for dinner, and hardly anything to make. 97 more words