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Margarita Cakes!

Hi guys,

I know every time I post I say I will post more regularly and always don’t! But in my defence, my husband makes me go to work and my plan to sneakily go part time hasn’t worked since I work in the busiest restaurant in Cardiff Bay! 598 more words

Gluten Free Cooking

Vegetarian to Paleo: A few quick tips

Although I’ve recently been unable to cook many meals, I’ve done some GF and/or paleo cooking. Here’s a couple of tips that may help you transition. 596 more words


Probiotics & Prebiotics What Are They & Do I Need Them? Part I

Your intestinal tract has both good and bad bacteria. Micro organisms also known as intestinal flora. They are found in the entire length of your digestive tract, from mouth to anus. 449 more words

Dr Wendy Dearborne

Summer Garden and "Something for the Weekend"

I do not have a veggie garden anymore but these few pots and containers are very satisfying too. Johanna’s homestead..says Mr. Walker ;0)


The squirrels really enjoy my strawberries. 238 more words

Time to Restructure CookingWithoutGluten

It has been nearly 9 months since I started to publish my gluten free recipes in this blog. From the very beginning I organised recipes in pages to make navigation easy and simple. 380 more words

Healthy Eating

7 Tips To Enjoy Gluten Free Cooking

COOKING should be fun! Some of us stress too much when preparing a meal, make it simple use fresh ingredients, don’t over cook things, cook food you enjoy and don’t plan more recipes than you can manage. 442 more words

Gluten Free Recipes

Zucchini Bread, Gluten Free recipe with enough for a freezer stash!


Ahhhhh I loooooove summer veggies (and fruits, but this is about veggies)!
Let’s talk zucchini…
love it in slices,
love it on the grill, 382 more words