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Ice Date

So I have to rave about my latest dairy-free and vegan ice cream discovery, Ice Date. It’s located in Maxvorstadt on Amalienstrasse 91.

The ice-“cream” is organic and made of cashew nuts, water, dates and organic fruits and/or nuts. 129 more words

My Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City, New Jersey

This past weekend was my bachelorette party in Atlantic City, and I had a truly awesome food experience! I didn’t get sick at all (well…from the food…) 752 more words

Gluten Free Dining

Gluten-Free Hard Rock Cafe?

First of all, no, I have no idea why I just ate the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. Okay, I do.

See, my girl wanted a special day with me because I’ve been working like an insane person and she’s been thrown in every camp from here to the border, so she’s all, “Mom. 415 more words

Crazy Summer!

My summer began with a scheduled trip to Nashville TN for a faith-based conference on body image and eating issues, Hungry for Hope. This *would* have been my 4th year in attendance, except that the kidney stones that had been plaguing me for 5 months decided to cause problems and my trip was cancel, surgery scheduled instead. 112 more words

Hu Kitchen - Greenwich Village

Gary and I thoroughly enjoyed dinner from Hu Kitchen located on 78 5th Avenue, between 13th and 14th Streets. It ain’t cheap but it is delicious and the whole place is gluten free (!!!). 228 more words

Gluten Free Dining

My First Post-Diagnosis Wedding Experience - New Haven, CT

I love weddings. Romance. Champagne. And a night of endless booty shaking. As Fraulien┬áMaria says, these are a few of my a favorite things… 393 more words

Gluten Free Dining

Pie by the Pound - Union Square NYC

Pizza was definitely one of the top foods I mourned when I learned I had to go gluten free. Thankfully I work in Union Square a place with a beautiful park, bountiful farmer’s market, a colorful cast of characters (my favorite being the man who enthusiastically shakes it in a speedo all day with a sign that says “love portal”) and omg-delicious gluten free pizza. 346 more words

Gluten Free Dining