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Eating Out with a Stupid Gluten Allergy


That’s pretty much all I say in my head in most restaurants when they don’t have a gluten free menu or hand you one and it has 1 god damned item that isn’t a salad. 423 more words

Hell has Frozen Over: I Found Pizza

Sweet baby Tom Fucking Cruise! I found pizza. Glorious, beautiful, greasy pizza… AND it’s GLUTEN FREE!

Do yourself a favor, get your phone and order Mr. 664 more words

The Basics. The Painful Basics.

Let’s have a proper introduction, shall we? 

My name is Melissa, and I have an auto-immune disease that so graciously covers me in psoriasis. Through this, I have learned that I am allergic to gluten … which leads to my sexy psoriasis spots and dressing like it’s winter during the balls hot Central Texas summers. 721 more words