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Product Review: (Gluten Free) Spaghetti Pasta by Heinz

Spotted and purchased in Tescos Local shop, sitting next to “Tescos Free From” pasta. A pack of 500g  which looks and feels like regular Spaghetti. The primary ingredients are Cornflour, Potato Flour and Lupin flour and it is has a good neutral taste (not too much corn unlike some other GF pastas).  36 more words

Product Review:

Hitting My Stride

Last night I ran 5 miles at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

I was only going to run 4 miles but then something happened at around mile 2 – I hit my stride. 198 more words


Stay Healthy and Eat Nutritious- Buy Gluten Free Pasta

The first thing that I would like to tell ‘weight-loss regime’ following friends is never mix or misinterpret wheat-free for gluten-free. The reason why I said this is because many times it so happens that the product that you are consuming might have zero percent wheat but then it doesn’t assure the fact that it is gluten free. 213 more words


3 Reasons Why More and More Number of People Are Going For Gluten Free Crackers and Other Such Products

Gluten is a protein compound, which is present in food stuff made from certain grains like barley, wheat and oats. Recently, a gluten-free diet is amongst one of the much discussed topics amongst the health and fitness conscious for reasons, which include but are not limited to – 206 more words


On: Gluten Free Chicken & Asparagus Pasta with Goat Cheese

April is asparagus month, and there are so many great ways to prepare it. This little concoction is delicious and blends asparagus into a lean savory dish. 174 more words


Gluten-free Pasta, Here I Come!

I’ll admit it – I’ve been purposely avoiding pasta. We eat it all the time in our house, but it’s always gluten-free and it’s ridiculously easy to mess up on its own.   152 more words

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