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Gluten Free Lunchbox Snack

My coeliac teenager is almost at the end of his secondary schooling and so the ‘ lunch box’ will be going into retirement. KJ is the youngest of our four sons so I have been packing lunch boxes since 1994. 157 more words


LARABAR Cashew Cookie Bar

In my attempt to eat healthier, I decided to have a LARABAR Cashew Cookie bar instead of a serving of delicious tortilla chips. I wanted something not too sweet, and I figured the saltiness of cashews would do the trick. 185 more words


Mini Ham & Cheese Quiches


1 lb. of sliced deli ham (chop up into pieces)

1 cup of shredded cheddar (sharp)

1 cup of Swiss cheese

½ cup of chopped green onion… 98 more words

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All But Gluten Chocolate Snack Cakes

I have seen the face of evil and I live to tell the tale. These All But Gluten Chocolate Snack Cakes are probably the “falling apart” equivalent of RingDings. 201 more words


Chocolate-Dipped Apples

Serves: 4

159 Calories per serving.

When I get a craving for chocolate, which let’s me honest is pretty much all the time,  this is one of my go-to snacks that satisfies.  214 more words


Gluten Free Fall Granola (Pumpkin Seed, Walnut, Flax Blend)

Granola is basically a food group in my world. It can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I usually pair it with some Greek yogurt. There are a lot of really delicious varieties in the store, but there are times when it is fun to make something at home. 359 more words

Gluten Free

Kozy Shack Simply Well Naturally Flavored Puddings

There’s a lot of cheap junk food out there…and there’s a lot of expensive health food out there as well. So finding something healthy that tastes good at a decent price…and then adding gluten-free to the mix is an accomplishment! 291 more words