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Food Review – I Quit Sugar: Week 6 and Week 7

I decided to combine my posts about Weeks 6 and 7 because they have both been pretty similar and pretty uneventful.

In Week 6 I was able to start adding low fructose fruits back into my diet. 464 more words

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What is gluten anyway?

I’m often asked what is gluten?  Valid question. More and more people are finding that they have a gluten allergy or an intolerance to it.  Severity of an intolerance can range from mild digestion issues, skin problems, and brain fogginess ( 268 more words


Lunch Box Mama- Sourdough Compromises and Sub Sandwich Dreams

Did you know that there is thought that gluten-intolerant people can tolerate sourdough? It’s something I’ve toyed around with for a while, and I have to say, I’m pretty sure it’s ok for us in this house. 403 more words

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Baguettes for Beginners, or: Getting Hooked on Sourdough

I cannot rave enough about James Morton’s book Brilliant Bread: it’s no frills, to the point, and incredibly serious about bread. I have posted my take on his  1,637 more words


Gluten Intolerance: Truth or Fiction?

In 2013, Peter Gibson, a Professor of Monash University’s Department of Gastroenterology at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, published a study striving to dispel the mystery surrounding Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) in individuals exhibiting symptoms such as abdominal pain, flatulence and bloating that are not associated with Coeliac Disease. 339 more words

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Ya I know, I'm lazy.... here's another late one!

Scientists are continuing to study Celiac Disease.  And it’s funny that this comes up, because I was just talking about skin diseases with my mom.  She’s got a weird rash, and they think it’s related to Celiac Disease.  370 more words

Gluten Free Society: Gluten & Bone Loss – The Topic is Much Deeper Than Calcium

Prior to being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, I had a bone density test done which yielded shocking results. So shocking for someone my age that the medical technician performing the test did it a second time to confirm the results.  822 more words

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