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The trip to gluten free

We were standing in the food store aisle looking at a range of delicious hand-made pasta when the eldest boy said “I think I’m gluten intolerant.” 529 more words


Allergy alert: Ewden Vale brand Salmon Burgers

Ewden Vale has withdrawn its Salmon Burgers with ‘best before’ end date 28 December 2014, because they contain barley (gluten), which is not mentioned on the product label. 82 more words

Trading Standards

Are You Gluten Intolerant? Everything You Need to Know:


Learning that gluten was affecting my ability to focus and concentrate was a real wake-up call for me. 2,066 more words

Gluten Intolerance and Side Pain Symptoms: The Struggle is Real

Gluten. For those who think it’s a made up issue… Know: the struggle is real.

Couple months back my doc informed me while I still have gluten intolerance despite cleansing/healing for a solid year that I could probably be okay having it in small amounts (since it’s in nearly everything) and I can be less prudent. 318 more words

Dietary Nutrition

Lactose intolerance could be something more!

Lactose is natural sugar found in dairy products. It requires lactase, an enzyme produced within the intestines, to digest it. Usually, this enzyme is produced by the small intestinal villi. 906 more words


My eggs might need a little more time to bloom

My assignment workload at the moment is pretty hectic, slightly unmanageable and definitely anxiety inducing. I thought I would try and lower my anxiety level by starting my day with a happy looking breakfast – Flower Power Eggs. 164 more words


What do I cook for my kids now?

Kids. Notoriously finicky eaters.

And fickle – one day they like it, the next day they don’t. If you have more than one kid, one will like it and one won’t. 118 more words

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