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A bit more about food combining

After I wrote about the utter nonsense of food combining last week I had a reader contact me to suggest that perhaps I could elaborate on the positive side of food combining. 477 more words

Are potatoes making you fat?

While eating a whole potato would seem on the surface to be a reasonably healthy choice compared with processed foods, spuds can be a dud when it comes to their effect on your blood glucose level. 325 more words


Coconut Creme Pumpkin Bars

We’re here! It’s the fall! It’s pumpkin season, one of my favorite culinary times of the year!¬†Pumpkins are not only versatile in the kitchen, they’re nutritiously delicious! 610 more words


Apa Itu Glycemic Index (GI) ?

Glycemic Index (GI) atau Index Glikemik adalah skala yang diberikan pada makanan tertentu berdasarkan seberapa cepat makanan tersebut meningkatkan kadar gula dalam darah, skala yang digunakan adalah 0-100. 485 more words