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How to reduce the number of ads in Gmail

Google updated its terms of service this week to clarify the manner in which software automatically scans and analyzes the content of your emails so the company can deliver what it calls “tailored advertising,” in addition to ferreting out spam and malware. 451 more words


Google's new ToS reveal that it's scanning emails for "Targeted Ads"

Google Inc updated its terms of service on Monday, informing users that their incoming and outgoing emails are automatically analyzed by software to create targeted ads. 304 more words


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Google Isn't Just Watching You, Now They Own You

You may be a little more than interested in some big changes to Google’s latest Privacy and Terms Agreement that are being majorly downplayed.

Every time we run a Google search, Google learns a little more about us one click at a time. 217 more words

Google Reads Your Emails to Provide More Personalized Advertising

Someone’s reading your emails, and it’s not your employer or ex-girlfriend.

This Monday ( April 14),  Google updated Gmail’s Terms of Service, a portion of which clarifies how the company uses your email content for a more personalized web experience. 108 more words

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