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His GMAT Prep was excellent. You won't believe what happened next.

He doesn’t have a frickin’ clue, that’s what.

Ah Buzzfeed – the things you make people read.

So honestly, this GMAT is like the Problem for and Solution to all my life problems. 120 more words


Memory, Mind, and GMAT Prep

I read this article via Magoosh’s GMAT Blog, and thought it was AMAZING!!!! It is well researched and really goes into how effectively study and retain information. 1,339 more words


Graduate School is nothing like Undergrad: 5 ways it is more Rewarding

When talking to undergraduate students or even those in the workforce considering going back to school for their Master’s, I am always asked, “How is it different?” It is very different, and in a good way. 750 more words


What official rankings don't tell you about where to go to university

Educational rankings are big business in the US. Attracting talent and maintaining prestige depends largely on where an American university falls in official tallies. Rankings are also a cash cow for the companies that produce them  617 more words

Love my blog title, but...

So apparently I’m going to be nailing that B-School. You know what I’m talking about about – yep that one.

I kid. I don’t have a clue how I’m going to do, hell I don’t even know which  164 more words


GMAT: my journey from 610 to 710

On 23rd December 2013, I attempted the GMAT exam for the first time, after a little more than a week of preparation (which consisted of learning the question types and trying a few questions), the result was a pitiful 610 (Q47, V28, IR3). 1,152 more words