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MBA. Part3. Preparation for the tests

Basically there two tests – GMAT and TOEFL. There is nothing hard with the TOEFL. Just buy the official guide. Crack it and you are ready. 347 more words


Preparing to apply for an MBA: It's all in the details

When people talk about moving to another country, or getting accepted to an MBA program, they don’t talk about the details of what they did to make it happen. 575 more words

GMAT Prep: Week Six

Was in the mood for some fun so created this checklist for myself!

Two great things happened this week. I took 2 mock GMAT tests and scored a 760 and a 710. 24 more words


MBA. Part2. Schools

The choice of school is extremely important for any MBA program.

I would recommend to pay attention to the following factors:
1) school rankings – there is a number of the – Wall Steer Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, Forbes to name a few. 405 more words


MLT Update

So I was not able to get the minimum score needed to enter the MLT MBA Prep 2015 class. There, I said it. It took me a while to admit that defeat. 153 more words

Analytical Writing Assessment

AWA: Is it worth spending time?

A straightforward answer to the above question is No. Most GMAT takers worry about AWA way too much. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you prepare AWA in a day or two: 197 more words


7 Useful Apps For English Learners

First thing to download from your App Store: A dictionary of course! Don’t waste precious space in your bags for a book version. I’m using… 364 more words

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