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Terms for Food are Generally Misleading

Especially with meats, terms we think of as good, aren’t usually what we would think. Legal terms for packaging foods can be very open ended or not regulated at all. 208 more words


GMOインターネット、ioDriveを採用したWordPress専用クラウドサービス [ #cbajp ]

GMOインターネット株式会社は30日、Fusion-ioの高速ストレージ「ioDrive」を採用した、WordPress専用クラウドサービス「GMO WP Cloud」の提供を開始した。ioDriveを使用したWordPress専用設計となっており、ウェブサイトやブログの表示速度を向上するオリジナルキャッシュシステムを搭載。



New Genetic Editing Technique Offers Novel Treatment of Defects

The promises of genetic modifications are endless, longer life, better health, cures for genetic based diseases that would otherwise cause an unimaginable amount of suffering all wiped out. 1,190 more words


Q&A from my readers...

“I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into bonsai. Is it ridiculous to start from seed? If so, how old of a starter tree should I get, and do you have any suggestions for where to get one?

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How To Keep The Devil's Neck Under Your Foot

One of the trends I have noticed on Food Network particularly on the Chopped Show is quite thought-provoking. I have observed that contestants are given the meat of weird poisonous creatures like snakes to cook. 554 more words

Consequences Of Increased Global Meat Consumption On The Global Environment|Stanford Woods Institute

“‘People aren’t going to stop eating meat,’ said Harold A. Mooney, professor of biology and a senior fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford.” 231 more words

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The Truth about Edible Engineering

NEW YORK (PIX11)– The debate between GMO vs. non-GMO is still raging, with GMO-labeling legislation appearing on ballots across the country, but how much do genetically modified foods actually impact our health? 47 more words

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