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Monsanto Monday

Health nut here to talk about Monsanto on this fine Monday afternoon!

Back during the Vietnam War, Monsanto started creating DDT and Agent Orange to help the soldiers make their way through the thick jungles. 333 more words


Has Hillary been seduced by the “DARK*” side?

*DARK  (Deny Americans the Right to Know) a bill introduced in congress.

In her June 25 keynote address to the BIO International Convention in San Diego, Calif., Hillary Clinton… 1,232 more words


Apples: Make an informed choice. (Rustic Tart Recipe)

Apples may be the most popular produce symbol of good health and vitality. The saying is, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” may have been a hard and fast rule in the past. 838 more words


The Pitfalls of a City Boy Dining on Farmer’s Market Produce.

I bit hard on a peanut sized pit in a forkful of salad. I’d mixed what I thought were small seedless grape tomatoes with my lettuce, peppers and olives. 608 more words

Fuzzy Skies Humor

Tackling GMO's Part 4. G.E. Séralini case. Why it is both pivotal and pointless.

It’s about time I got back into this, here we go!

If you’re digging through the facts about GMO food, especially if you’re going from the popular media, eventually you’ll be brought back to one report. 1,476 more words