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The GMO debate in Hawaii

ReasonTV released a video special in January. The episode gives an overview of the debate over GMO’s in Hawaii which is reflective of them nation and worldwide. 9 more words

OrganicLivingChic (Guest Article) - Why Use Organic Skin care today?

When I was young, and not able to fully support myself financially, I always bought beauty products that are on sale never thinking not even a bit of its content. 354 more words


A Good Side of Genetic Modification

Viruses are really cool.

They don’t have many genes, which is why they’re so hard to tame, and they often insert their own DNA into yours, which is what causes all the symptoms. 294 more words

Reading Theme: Foreign Country; Conclusion: Yikes!

After I finished No Ordinary Time, the 700+ page tome by Doris Kearns Goodwin, for some crazy reason I picked up another large tome (500+ pages) the next day. 861 more words


Hats & Pesticides

Apparently, as I was recently told, I am officially a tin foil hat wearing conspiracist – whoopeety – do; nothing like 80’s cliches to validate an already obvious statement. 110 more words


Chicken Swap and Food Thoughts

I got a wild idea last night.  I figured I’d take the kids to the last chicken swap of the season at Wardle Feed in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.   742 more words


GMO T Cells Found To Kill Leukemia

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are using genetically modified immune cells to put leukemia into remission, The New York Times reports. All the patients in the trial had previously relapsed multiple times or failed to respond to conventional treatments. 65 more words