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Character Modeling

The time for modeling characters has arrived. I started modeling my gnome in class, unfortunately, I have treatment sessions for my psoriasis during in the afternoon, and have to leave halfway through class, then catch up later with tutorial videos. 187 more words



Thousands of Love/Hate fans are worried about Elmo’s state of mind and the innocence of two garden gnomes in tonight’s episode entitled “Gnasty Gnasty Gnome”, after a disturbing photo from tonight’s episode was mysteriously leaked online. 185 more words


remove gui packages using yum

yum remove `rpm -qa | egrep -i "x11|gnome" | sort | uniq` -y

Week 03 (Mini Maquette "Fantasy Avatar")

This is Desdemona Lighttouch. She is a stout, pointy-eared, wild haired woman with no mouth, modeled out of Crayola Model Magic clay.

Considering my limited color palette with clay, I decided to make Desdemona orange. 347 more words

Creativity Exercises

Computers are fun to build!

Our systems have been completely updated and are almost in full working order!  All we are waiting for now is the Theronoconiscope, the High Spectrum Dexocomiter, the new 42x47i GXY cooling system and the box of gerbils and we will be all good.  So exciting!


The Dwarves of Wrocław

In Europe, one can get a neckache from looking up at all the ancient castles, churches and houses. Remember to look down however, especially in the Silesian city of  457 more words