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Mouse wheel sensitivity script for Linux

Continuing with the theme from my last post (where I discussed mouse acceleration and sensitivity under Linux), I similarly want to talk about mouse wheel sensitivity. 277 more words


Fixing GEdit's Unconfigurable Terminal

Lately I’ve been distro hopping. Between projects and lacking inspiration, I’ve been in search of a new DE and a new text editor. I’ve come to realize that I don’t have the patience to deal with XMonad and friends, and of the mainstream DE’s, I like Gnome 3 the best. 299 more words


GTG ! Past can not be changed

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the late update, was a little busy discussing about the implementation stuffs .

Anyways let me give you a brief  idea of what I have been able to implement and what’s changed so far . 247 more words


The Other Garden and the Case of the Missing Gnome

It’s about time I fess up to something. I’ve taken on another garden. It wasn’t planned, I swear, but when someone came to me about an open 12×12 plot with twice the amount of sun I get in my own backyard I could barely stand to say no. 916 more words


GSoC 2014 "MusicBrainz Support to EasyTAG" Progress Report : 14 July - 27 July

Hello All,

I wasn’t able to post blog last Sunday because of my tight schedule. In the past two weeks I have done the following things: 121 more words

Google Summer Of Code 2014

Month View for GTG's Calendar Plugin

These past couple weeks I implemented a new view for the calendar plugin: the Month View.

Until now, the plugin only displayed a single week. Now the user can switch between views, using the drop-down menu, and select between ‘Week’ or ‘Month’. 87 more words


Gname our Gnome! Please!

So far, we’ve received a couple of sound suggestions of Gneville and Gnigel… good gnames, but we’re not entirely convinced. Any other suggestions out there for this little guy? 33 more words

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