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GSoC Report #3 - Certificate Handing PKCS#11 Module

Journey to nowhere

Well, last time I posted the PKCS#11 module was not loading with modutil.

Looking up Evolution Data Server code to see what e_source_registry_new_sync() was up to, I found an interesting comment about a deadlock on e_source_registry_new_sync() that was occurring, the bug mentioned in the comment is a duplicate of a bug not marked as fixed. 1,029 more words


Red Hat Certifications

More than two years had been passed since I have met Red Hat in the GNOME Documentation Hackfest 2012.  After the event, I came back to my Perú and doors were opened to work as a system administrator in GMD. 115 more words

Julita Inca

Spinning for a little gnome lady

I’m spinning my little heart out, on the Finnish slanty.

I’ve got two batts that are amazingly soft and full of glim and glitter. Both have “a fairy tale connection” and that makes spinning them so much more fun. 232 more words


I'm going to GUADEC 2014!

I’m going to GUADEC 2014 in Strasbourg! Last year, I was one of the organizers and I planned to enjoy this year’s GUADEC just as an ordinary attendee. 27 more words



Not sure if I feel worse for the little brother or the gnome.

Going to GUADEC 2014!

This year I am also go to the GUADEC thanks to the sponsorship of the GNOME Foundation. Every year GNOME members share their experiences about how they contribute with the project. 91 more words

Julita Inca