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Configuring GNS3 prt2

Configuring GNS3 prt2

Once you’ve clicked new you’ll get this new windows

Click browser and proceeds to locate and select the folder were stored the OS files. 115 more words


ASA firewall introduction - Cisco security part 8

ASA Adaptive security Appliance

  • Primary function is Stateful filtering
  • Interfaces have a name and security level
  • Like water falling it goes from higher security level to  a lower.
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Configuring GNS3 prt1

GNS3 interface is truly intuitive, in the top you will find the traditional tabs of: File, Edit, View, Control, Device, Annotate, Tools, Help, which will be our focus on this post. 126 more words


Installing GNS3

Installing and configuring GNS3 on Windows

Go to the website of GNS3 http://www.gns3.com/ , and click on the download button, to be allowed to download it you have to create an account in the GNS3 community, after create your account they’ll require an account validation, once you finish this process you’ll be allowed to download it, so go back to the web site log in and start the download. 108 more words


Vyatta OS under VirtualBox in GNS3



1. Download VyOS and VirtualBox Extention from



2. Install VirtualBox Extention

click menu File/Preferences/Extentions

click triangular icon on the right and point to downloaded VirtualBox Extention… 443 more words


GNS3 v1.2.3 VPCS not working on OSX

Today, I was testing some stuff, and instead of using another router disabled routing which would eat up some resources on my laptop. I thought of using VPCS which came in with GNS3. 134 more words


How to build your network lab prt3

GNS3 is an open source network simulator which allows you to run all kind of network devices operative systems, (it doesn’t mean that it has this OS’s) you can download it directly from its website and when you look around by its page you’ll see the number of big companies that use it, such as designing, planning and testing tool, also this powerful tool is prepared to be integrated with other technologies such as VMware and virtual box, for this reason it’s a good idea to get a good background of it, to deal with the OS problem you have to figure out how to get them because those OS’s are not free. 25 more words