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Cisco + non-Cisco или проблема проприетарных протоколов

Казалось бы, тривиальная схема включения. С коммутатора(R1) абоненту отдаётся транком 2 влана, он принимает их свитчом(SW1), один отдаёт в роутер(vlan 3), другой в cisco свитч(R2), который выступает в роли power-инжектора для подключения видеокамеры(изображено в виде компьютера C1). 221 more words


Building a new GNS3 WorkBench lab

Building a new GNS3 WorkBench lab

GNS3 WorkBench comes with lots of labs, but building a new lab – with
instructions snapshots and prepared configurations is not a trivial… 3,784 more words


RIP Routing Update by rumors catch in Love-Triangle Topology

Just simple 3 route topology, what happens if there is ‘default-information originate’ command with route-map set to interface.

Objective : Advertise default route from R1 to R3 by using route-map. 421 more words

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Adding VirtualBox hosts on GNS3

Before doing anything, the first thing you have to ensure is, whether or not you have the latest version of GNS and VirtualBox. If not, you better make sure to get the latest version because you will run into some strange problems otherwise. 107 more words


CSR1000v on GNS3

It has been quite some time since the Cisco’s Cloud Services Router CSR1000v was publicly released. CSR1000v is a virtual router or in other words it run’s the IOS software inside a Virtual Environment (in a Virtual Machine), and that’s not all because it can run the latest IOS XE software which is the successor of the classic IOS software. 826 more words

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How to add ASA Firewall to GNS3

1. Download GNS3, I accept all the defaults (I actually tick to install SuperPuTTy, as tabbed console windows can be handy when using GNS3). Launch the program, you will be greeted with the following setup wizard. 825 more words

Security - CCNA / CCNP Security

VirtualBox and GNS3


VitualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application very similar to VMware that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris operating systems. VirtualBox provides a generic virtualization environment for x86 systems meaning it may run operating systems of any kind. 837 more words