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Computer Networking: Pract. Lecture #6:Using CCP to configure the router via HTTP


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), one of the protocols in the TCP/IP suite, was originally developed to publish and retrieve HTML pages and is now used for distributed, collaborative information systems. 505 more words


[Pexpect] What's inside my network? (Dynamic Network Inventory)

40 days have passed since I started my 90/90/1 Challenge and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Trying to pursue something and keep track of the process is a really nice sensation :) 1,699 more words


[GNS3] Using SecureCRT as Console Application

GNS3 comes by default with PuTTY as the main console application, however you can configure it to use SecureCRT. 43 more words


Computer Networking: Pract. Lecture #4 & #5:Loopback adapter-Telnet protocol

Download c7200 IOS:


Download Putty:


Configuring the Router using telnet protocol
The idea from creating loopback adapter is to connect the real machine as network device or a host within GNS3 topology… 248 more words


Update:Computer Networking: Pract. Lecture #1: Intro to GNS3

Installing new version for GNS3, and exploring the great new updates, it became more
faster and flexiable in use

Download the program from the official website for GNS3:



Computer Networking: Pract. Lecture #3: DHCP Service

DHCP service:
DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
DHCP allows a host to obtain an IP address dynamically when it connects to the network. 164 more words


Computer Networking: Pract. Lecture #1: Intro to GNS3

-GNS3 Stands for Graphical Network Simulator
-GNS3 is an open source software.

In this lecture I’ll give you information about
what is GNS3?
Who can use it? 23 more words