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Is GNU a corporate gimmick to get out of warranty?

So folks I am posting the first page of the GNU Public License. This open source stuff is flying completely under the radar and in honest fact over most people’s knowledge levels. 123 more words


My perfect distro: Salix 14.1

Is Salix the perfect distro? Some might argue that it is, others will argue that it isn’t. Basically, it all depends on what you want from a distro: Do you want the system to be as exposed as possible (and therefore as configurable as it possibly can be), or do you want a distro that shields you from the nitty-gritty, and just offers an array of GUI tools to configure everything.  2,437 more words

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How to rescue GRUB

Hai Embedder… welcome again, today urban techno will give you some information about How to rescue GRUB. GRUB…. What this thing? Well… you know, if you ever use dual operating system like a Windows and Linux, you must be able to see two operating system show up and you can choose one of it, when your PC startup. 356 more words


The GNU Manifesto, 1985. Reflection


Richard Stallman’s “GNU” (GNU’s Not Unix) manifesto argues in favour of free software, and explains and defines the goals of the GNU project, “GNU” being a free Unix-compatible software computer operating system. 519 more words


Eric S. Raymond: Time, Clock, and Calendar Programming In C

esr (of The Cathedral & the Bazaar fame) has just written a comprehensive guide on the many functions, structures and styles for dealing with time in C, mostly for UNIX, Linux and POSIX operating systems. 76 more words


Interview with AtLas’, MC

1 – Hello AtLas… could you tell us a little of your journey into music, where you’re from, what inspired you to rap and make music, who were your inspirations? 1,769 more words

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