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Given a distance of 20 px between the line splines, rotating the hachure 45º increases the required offset distances (when measured as perpendicular to the canvas) to (20^2 + 20^2)^0.5.


sidetrack #3


OK! So, I have adjusted the code for the drawpath() call so that we may add a fill colour from the function call. Better do the same for stroke colour and weight, too.

sidetrack #2


It is not such a very odd business. Here two square shapes are drawn, one is written using the rect() function and the other uses draw(path), The drawpath() shape accepts the state fill and stroke values. 65 more words



There are quite a few things going on here!

The arrow shape is defined using a (decimal) ratio, e.g. 0.5 & etc. I have also added a further point, making 8 in total, and I can see that having an option for adding a further two might be useful in some cases. 218 more words

back on track #2


Decided to add a rotate argument to the centred basic square shape library function, and discovered a strange result (above right). To correct this anomaly, I re-wrote the function using path notation.

deviation, derivation or precursor?


More to come… this (above left) relates back to the emulation posts and the idea of creating hachure lines with a hand-drawn feel.

Above right demonstrates a rotation and mapping a rotation to a translation. 37 more words