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[GNU IceCat] browser is (finally) on Fedora

GNU Icecat will be available on Fedora updates-testing repositories for some days. That’s right time to test harshly this new web browser (really it’s not so new considering it’s a fork of Firefox) and leave a positive/negative karma or open a bug. 105 more words


broken hachure


In this first hachure test, we began by positioning the canvas origin to the canvas centre. We then drew 100 vertical lines of random length, but not longer than 300 px using a for loop. 73 more words



Given a distance of 20 px between the line splines, rotating the hachure 45º increases the required offset distances (when measured as perpendicular to the canvas) to (20^2 + 20^2)^0.5.


sidetrack #3


OK! So, I have adjusted the code for the drawpath() call so that we may add a fill colour from the function call. Better do the same for stroke colour and weight, too.

sidetrack #2


It is not such a very odd business. Here two square shapes are drawn, one is written using the rect() function and the other uses draw(path), The drawpath() shape accepts the state fill and stroke values. 65 more words