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FisicaLab update

Well, I just want to share the progress in the development of FisicaLab. As you know I want a module for thermodynamics in version 0.4.0. 163 more words

Free Software

Audacity(R) IP

The copyright for Audacity(R) Is owned collectively by the members of the Audacity(R) development team, rather than a sole copyright owner.  Users and developers are able to modify, copy, distribute and display material but they must give credit to the original authors.  81 more words


How much math you need for programming

Whenever I wanted to learn Algorithms, Mathematics used there somehow seemed to be an obstacle. I admit my Math is not that good but it ain’t that bad either but this “ain’t bad” level of knowledge was not enough to learn Algorithms and the time and space complexities involved and comparisons of sorting and searching techniques which are at the heart of measuring performance of computer programs. 1,822 more words


Forking Debian

systemd row ends with Debian getting forked.

And why not? systemd is an out of control monster.


calling.. for Computer Literacy

Computers are now an indispensable part of everyone’s world. They connect all of us. They help us being more productive, they guide us in spending less, and became crucial to try and maintain a sustainable world. 157 more words


Updates to COPSA and other thoughts

So I did some updates to COPSA. COPSA is the “Corning Online Privacy Security Augmentation” project. The whole point of this is to write rulesets for the HTTPS Everywhere browser add-on for places around the Corning area that use HTTPS on their websites. 412 more words