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Εγκατάσταση Oracle Java Development Kit σε Debian based Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint)

Υπάρχουν πολλές περιπτώσεις, στις οποίες θα θέλαμε, σε σύστημα Linux, να εγκαταστήσουμε την έκδοση της Java που προσφέρει η Oracle, έναντι του OpenJDK του υπάρχει στα εκάστοτε official repositories. 125 more words


Security Alert: Bug found in GNU acronym

In memory of segfault.org † – original by Leonard Richardson

Published on segfault.org 09/14/1998

The recursive acronym “GNU’s Not Unix” harbors a stack overflow bug that can cause the English language to crash and may allow arbitrary linguistic commands to be executed, according to a message posted on gnu.acronym.bug this morning. 444 more words


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FisicaLab's documentation now online

The documentation of FisicaLab is now online. Needs improvements and corrections (someone told me that in English “points” is used instead “particles”). But now is more easy to learn how to use FisicaLab. Is also available in Spanish.

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WWE...G: What Would Eric Google?

Good late late late evening everyone!

I couldn’t sleep, and didn’t have the patience to spend this time playing “Destiny” because the grind has just become so mundane, so I decided to start a new section of my blog called “WWEG?”, or you may refer to it as “What Would Eric Google?”. 341 more words


Software Alternatives

This is a great site to find alternatives to proprietary software such as Microsoft Office, or to find alternatives to platform exclusive software such as Logic Pro or Microsoft Access.