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Run systemd in an unprivileged(!!!) docker container

Many people have tried running systemd inside a docker container.
Some have succeeded to some extend. See: http://developerblog.redhat.com/2014/05/05/running-systemd-within-docker-container/ for a reference.

The issues mentioned there are still problematic. 417 more words


Why you should call it "GNU/Linux" and not just "Linux" ?

I feel very uncomfortable when people call system as only “Linux”. To be honest it’s not just Linux but GNU/Linux.

Today I will talk about why you should call Linux kernel based system as GNU/Linux. 305 more words


Introduction to Linux on edX

I am gearing up for the Introduction to Linux MOOC being offered by the Linux Foundation on the edX platform. Since I am currently studying for the… 769 more words


Parallella-16 Desktop Computer


Parallella-16 Desktop Computer Specifications:
Xilinx Zynq®-7010 All Programmable SoC (XC7Z010) with Dual Core ARM A9 CPU
Epiphany III (16-core CPU Accelerator)

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xmgrace tutorial : grafik dengan skala yang berbeda

assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

long time no updates, hari ini kita akan membuat grafik dengan skala yang berbeda di sumbu y menggunakan xmgrace. grafik ini bisa teman-teman jumpai misalnya pada penelitian tentang simulasi ion dalam larutan, terutama untuk analisis rdf (radial distribution function).


Parsidora 20 is out!

Took some time, but finally, I’m pleased to announce that Parsidora 20 is ready. It is based on Fedora 20 and its latest updates including: Linux kernel 3.15.4, Gnome 3.10.4, LibreOffice, and KDE 4.12.5. 211 more words