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Just a game

To play the game,

  1. Take an equilateral triangle, and label it’s vertices (1,2), (3,4) and (5,6).
  2. Mark a starting point, anywhere inside the triangle.
  3. Roll a dice (unbiased ideal dice).
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Chaos in classical world

Why do you think weather forecast is so difficult?

It is because the atmospheric conditions are chaotic!

A lot of people think chaos implies “random”. But it’s not. 242 more words





  • ** – exponentiation e.g. x^2 = x**2
  • norm(x) – Normal Gaussian distribution function

Set Commands

gnuplot> set title "<title>"
gnuplot> set xlabel "<xlabel>"
gnuplot> set ylabel "<ylabel>"
gnuplot> set noyzeroaxis
gnuplot> set noyzeroaxis
gnuplot> set border
gnuplot> set nogrid
gnuplot> set nokey
gnuplot> set autoscale     # let gnuplot determine ranges
gnuplot> set logscale      # ploy using log axes
gnuplot> set logscale <axis> # set logscale for a single (x, y) axis
gnuplot> show logscale
gnuplot> set nologscale
gnuplot> set xtics ( 1, 2, 3)
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Animation using GnuPlot

Have you ever seen the wikipedia page onĀ Double Pendulum? It would be a crime if you haven’t and you call yourself a physics student. 658 more words