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Printing git commit histogram

For some days, I was thinking how many LOCs I am writing at my workplace. We use Git to maintain the source code. So, I came up with a solution using shell script to get a raw data of lines added and deleted to the repo per day for given period. 607 more words

profile from a DEM

For my master thesis I made some profiles. Normal “profile” tools just use clicking on a map, but I wanted them to be at an exact position that I can replicate, as a shapefile… 290 more words


Catatan - 2 benda bermasalah

Maksud tulisan ini adalah ingin sedikit membahas masalah dua benda (two-body problem) atau lebih tepatnya gravitational two-body problem. Kita tahu bahwa solusi dari gerak 2 benda dalam pengaruh gravitasi adalah gerak Keplerian, dimana dua benda akan saling mengorbit satu sama lain, dan bentuk orbitnya hanya ditentukan oleh energi () dan momentum sudut (). 232 more words


Uniform random points in disk, annulus (ring), cylinder, and sphere

Suppose we have , , and as uniform random from 0 to 1. Here’s how we make uniform random points in several cases in corresponds coordinate system. 363 more words