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Vẽ đồ thị trong Latex bằng Pgfplots và Gnuplot

Trong bài trước tôi đã hướng dẫn các bạn vẽ đồ thị chất lượng cao bằng Latex và giới thiệu qua về Pgfplots. Tôi muốn nhấn mạnh lại rằng đồ thị chất lượng cao rất quan trọng trong các công bố khoa học và các bài thuyết trình hội nghị. 584 more words

Soft Skills

Protein essentials and second gnuplot demo

I gave two lectures back-to-back today, which I found a little stressful.

The first lecture was a guest lecture in “Molecular biomechanics” on the basic of protein structure.  1,656 more words

Circuits Course

Gnuplot demo

At the beginning of class, I told students about standard resistor values and pointed them to a web site that has tables of the standard values… 665 more words

Circuits Course

New modeling lab for electret microphone

Last year, in Mic modeling lab rethought, I designed the DC measurement of an electret microphone around the capabilities of the Arduino analog-to-digital converters: 498 more words

Circuits Course

Revised plan for circuits labs

In Plan for rearranged circuits labs I provided a tentative schedule for the applied circuits course and lab,  which starts on 2014 March 31.But after my… 1,045 more words

Circuits Course

JavaPlot installation

Installing JavaPlot to Linux environment.
Assumption: GnuPlot and Apache Ant are installed.

  1. Download bzipped file from http://javaplot.panayotis.com/.
  2. Decompose the file.
  3. Move to the directory of the decomposed file.
  4. 18 more words

GNUPlot from Java

JavaPlot (http://javaplot.panayotis.com/) is a pure Java programming interface library for GNUPlot.

Following sample code plots sin function to “test.eps” file.

import com.panayotis.gnuplot.JavaPlot;
import com.panayotis.gnuplot.terminal.PostscriptTerminal;

public class Test{
  public static void main( String[] args ){
    JavaPlot p = new JavaPlot();
    p.addPlot( "sin(x)" );
    p.setTerminal( new PostscriptTerminal( "./test.eps" ) );