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Drama Review: You're All Surrounded

I’m into action-packed dramas these days so you can imagine my reaction upon the birth of You’re All Surrounded. In a nutshell, I enjoyed the flow of the drama as a whole and there wasn’t much flaws to be nitpicked on. 1,057 more words

You're All Surrounded (Series Review)

Murder, birth secret, unrequited love, family drama and sweet romance all rolled in one. Is this the series you should watch? Find out now! 654 more words


"You're All Surrounded": Not Too Good, Not Too Bad — Just Right

Lee Seung Gi’s most recent drama, You’re All Surrounded was not very loved, to say the least. Viewer ratings came in at an average of 12% nationwide. 528 more words


Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You're All Surrounded 19 & 20 (Finale)

‘Ello Love! Lore and I have concluded yet another edition of Super Fun Drama Chat Time with You Are All Surrounded! So basically this show was about (once again) the almighty won, deception, and unnecessary deaths. 1,223 more words

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[Fanfic] You're All Surrounded "Sleepless in Gangnam" + [Fan Video] "What's Wrong With Me?" Daegu ♥ Soosun

(video: Dianney Gabriel | As labeled)

I’ve never been into fanfics but I LOVE this one – “Sleepless in Gangnam.” Hope there’s more to come! And it’s PG-13, so don’t worry. 311 more words

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