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It's Mine (What Now?)

Thanks to GoDaddy.com and the $ 6.99 in my bank account, I was able to purchase my domain name. Although it’s floating around on the internet with it’s nothingness, I’m happy to say It’s Mine. 149 more words


A Thought or Two or 738

Something occurred to me yesterday (besides avoiding day two of my trip again) that knocked the dust from the machine and started the cogs turning to the ole noodle. 731 more words


Google killed the web address—so why is it trying to sell you one?

When Google released its web browser, Chrome, in 2008, the most striking thing about it was that it merged the web address bar—where you type in qz.com—with the search bar. 543 more words

Google announces new domain registration service, currently invite-only

Google this afternoon announced that it is launching a new Google Domains service. In an effort to continue its reach to small businesses, the company has announced that it is, for the first time, offering a domain registration service. 492 more words

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Summer color, outfits & hair


Summertime!  And it always gets me to thinking about chopping my hair off.  Why is that?  Do y’all do that?  The stinkin’ heat makes me antsy and then it’s the YES or NO game.   353 more words


Today’s Top 6 Business News Headlines

• Apple Completes 7 Shares for 1 Stock Split
• Dow and S+P 500 Finish at All-Time High
• Merck Pays $3.85 Billion for Hepatitis C Company… 14 more words

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Presentation results and annotation...

I received my presentation results today, and considering how nervous I was, I feel I didn’t do too badly, 62%, it would have been great if it was 70% or over as thats a first, and who doesn’t want a first but still I’m happy with the 62%, like a lot of other people i dislike presentations at the best of times, my nervousness gets the better of me, I start talking and I’m not too sure what actually comes out of my mouth, and what I have and haven’t said, so 62% isn’t too shabby at all for me! 257 more words