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Love...From The Rabbi

“LOVE…love is all around you.  Love is within you.  As Mr. Lincoln said, “Within is the only way now.”  You will go within and find true love–a love that has always been here for you. 321 more words

Personal Growth

Vibrational Frequencies

Understand that each dimension has a certain frequency. You cannot push yourself to Master frequencies, other wise they will put a stop halt on your Ascension…You must integrate all the steps in each Dimension as you go, other wise you would be lost when you get to the next Dimension. 221 more words

What To Do With Opportunity

I was so afraid of missing out that I jumped on every single opportunity that I could.

My mantra was to say yes to everything. 682 more words

A Course In Miracles

GW #4: Human Connection

It’s all well and good to focus on improving ourselves in a little, happy bubble. We can try as hard as we want in a safe place – the comfort of our living room, the safety of a meditation cushion, the ease of what is known. 1,720 more words


The New Life Diet - Love and Light

“The voices from this old ghost town are still making themselves heard, that is, if you choose to let yourself listen to them. But if you instead choose to ignore them, you will hear those other voices coming to you loud and clear, and the message they bring, is a very different one indeed. 101 more words


Weekend Inspiration ~ Spirituality

“Spirituality is to be found and nurtured in the smallest of daily activities. The Spirituality that feeds the soul and ultimately heals our psychological wounds may be found in those sacred objects that dress themselves in the accoutrements of the ordinary.”  ~ Thomas Moore… 195 more words