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9 things I figured out as a 20-something

Undated Items

  • Excess eating = costs more = more physical activity required to burn it off
  • Confidence is key. You have to look it, you have to sound like it, you have to smell, taste, and feel like it in order to understand it..
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National Dance day in the Richmond area

Dance shoes – check; water – check; location – Saxon Shoes, check. Saxon Shoes is clearing space in their Short Pump Store for a free dance class Saturday, July 26. 129 more words


Quick Change Event on Check-In

We have added the ability to do a quick change of events when a person is checking in on race day on the check-in screen. This makes it simple to switch a person from the 10K to the 5K for example.  45 more words

New Video: Tameka "Tiny" Harris- "What The F@#k You Gonna Do?"

Talk about timing part 2 lol. T.I.’s version yesterday and now Tiny’s version today.


EID Collection 2014 By ‘Go Tangerine’ by Catalog Wishes

Go tangerine is a brand of two talented girls Laila Asad and Mehrunissa Ahmed. It offers a assortment of formal, party and informal prêt-dress in for ladies. 38 more words

weekend in the windy city

Another stop on the Tour de Summer 2014: Chicago!

Matt signed us up for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon a few months ago (he is just the sweetest, right?!) and so off we went to explore – and of course run –  the Windy City. 1,542 more words


Don't wait for the world to be ready

After a long and frigid winter, I realized I needed some rest and relaxation. I had tendonitis in my hands from typing and mousing all day. 243 more words