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Are You Veering Off Course... or On Track as a Writer?

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Have you ever gone on a trip far away to somewhere you have never been before, without a map or directions? Have you ever cooked a complicated dish without a recipe? 777 more words


Money, Part 3- a Frat Boy is Born

Eventually I realized that that job at the drug store wasn’t going to get me that car. Heck, it would barley pay for the gas in the Volkswagen to get me back and forth to school. 1,254 more words

How to Set A SMART Goal for Success

Hello everyone! I am back with a brand new post to help you create a goal that sets you up for success. Who can argue with that? 362 more words

Be Inspired!

Mission Statement

I’m Stevie Comyn and I’m a creative entrepreneur from Scotland. The purpose of this blog will be, to document my journey to self-sufficiency, share my work, explore my interests and opinions, and lastly maintain¬†a constant stream of progress. 285 more words


Goals Tuesdays

Good afternoon! Hope all is well! How many of you have joined me in the ab challenge? I’m so sore after doing 2 days in a row! 439 more words

Home: How I Never Made the Bus.

Hello World,

Long time no write.

This trip back home was by far the best yet. I know you’re probably wondering how was it so great, if I didn’t make the bus.. 515 more words