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You Only Get The Chance Once!

You only live once but if you do it right once is enough!

*I wrote some of this post in June but left it to ponder on it. 425 more words

Rabyd Discipline - Feeling Trapped - Summer Sledgehammer - (Week 3)

I have always said that discipline is far more of an emotional challenge than a physical one. I probably think something like the above quote fairly regularly.  839 more words


Wired For (Over)Expansion

Imagine you’re an executive, have the astonishing 911 Turbo and a beautiful house – would you settle? Or would you rather pursue yet another venture to achieve more? 518 more words

Soft Skills

Time is a paradox

We need to stop wishing for more time and start learning how to make smarter choices.

We all complain about time ….all the time….Time is a paradox.

101 more words

Where to begin? How to begin?

Clueless probably describes me perfectly.

The last time I tried to ‘learn’ a language (Japanese), my ‘strategy’ was to let it sink in naturally. I was hoping that I could just soak it up like a sponge without any studying.  229 more words


Hitch Your Sail to an Epic Tale!

What is the value of the fact that we live out our lives as Myth, as an Epic or Episodic Story?  Stories have structures: a beginning, middle and end. 722 more words


Survivors vs Winners - Repost

I originally wrote this in November, 2012 for a fitness blog that I no longer post on.  Since it is still relevant, and a piece that I am proud of, I am reposting it today.  428 more words