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A Beautiful Mind

Did you workout at all this week? Did you at least think about working out? How about working out your mind? SAY WHAT?

This week I spent some time in Ephesians 6:11-17 which references the “armor of God”. 375 more words

Goals in a Jiffy

Okay, so I need to write something in 10 minutes and I choose to write about my goals because I think I’ll have to many if I didn’t do this in 10 minutes… Here goes: 260 more words

Personal Stuff

Happy Day

Happiness happens when I meet my goals. I did a pretty good job of that today. One trick I have found that really helps me keep my goals in sight is just writing them down. 188 more words

Do we have goals?

Imagine this; you met someone on the way with a traveling bag and suit cases and you asked “sir/ma where are you heading to?” And the person replied “am heading to nowhere” or ” I don’t know where am going to, am just going out” . 308 more words

Goal Setting

4 Reasons Why People Don't Create Goals

Hi guys, I hope you are doing fine

I would like to share something I learned while reading Brian Tracy´s book “Goals”.

We are very close to end this year and in my personal case I like to start working on my goals before the year ends. 65 more words

Winning Mindset

a life without goals, is a life without hope...

do you have goals…

I did a goal setting exercise today that opened my eyes…I work with a vulnerable population and I truly believe that we as humans all have goals in this life…I remember arguing one day with a pretty influential person as I was stood behind a podium… “goals”, he said, “well you have pretty big expectations”…he went on to say “what about the people that have no goals, you’re not going to work with them?”… 1,941 more words

Week three, two of three

Did my second of three days of extra activity yesterday, and for the first time a long time, logged over 12,000 steps on my pedometer!  Walked with the dogs for two miles, and did 35 minutes on the treadmill, plus my usual around and about the house and yard and voila – 6 miles!   424 more words