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How to deal with the beginning of Bittersweet (mostly bitter) Midlife

It may be a bit early for us twenty-something to worry about midlife crisis but who else will care about your life if you don’t? I’m not a pro of life but this is how I prepare for my bittersweet midlife. 127 more words


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Believe you will achieve success, you will. It takes time but you will eventually.
Believe you will become a “Failure” and you will be… But in time as well. 54 more words


Trail Run

I am not much of a trail runner at this point. I mostly run along roads in neighborhoods near where I live. I don’t particularly like running in my neighborhood because there are a lot of dogs, many of which are not nice looking and not always on a leash when out. 162 more words


Oh Hi Thanksgiving Week...

Like I said this year has been crazy with change! With all the change, though, time has been seriously FLYING. In a blink of an eye, summer was gone. 391 more words

Weight Loss

WASH ETC Lead, GOAL, Sierra Leone [Deadline 05 December]

GOAL is taking on the management of an Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) in Sierra Leone in response to the on-going Ebola outbreak. This facility will be fitted with adequate water, sanitation and waste management infrastructure and GOAL will be required to ensure this infrastructure is adequately operated and maintained throughout the period of ETC management and that staff using this infrastructure follow suitable procedures minimise risks. 121 more words


Aligning Social Media to Business goals

Having mere presence in social media makes no sense to a brand. It is just a waste of productivity and human resources involved behind it. Any organization must have a Goal and Target with respect to its presence in Social Media. 189 more words

Social Media ROI