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Day 13: Everyone Deserves a Rest

It’s happening. The cycle is broken.

Today I had my match (in which I expected to play about 15 minutes at the end, seeing as I’m returning from an injury). 172 more words


Focus on Fitness IV - Eating Advice

Like most of us I have heard a huge range of conflicting advice about what to eat, what time to eat, what combination to eat, how many points to eat, and the impossible “just eat healthily and exercise regularly”. 236 more words


Arrival Addiction and Happiness

A long time ago, in a life far, far away, I thought if I could just get the right assignment, I would have it made. Happiness would abound. 461 more words


Leadership vs management

So a few days in Holland has flown by, no running, slightly dodgy diet, but i feel safe in the knowledge that my 32 inch waist trousers fit just as well on me now as they did before the trip, i’ve not got fat and perhaps the rest has made me fitter ? 400 more words


One Way

Which way are you going?

My hometown, like yours perhaps, has many one way streets, at least in the downtown center. While not a Ph.D. in transportation engineering (as my niece is) even I know that one-ways can help relieve urban congestion and keep things moving nicely. 464 more words



Wake up, you.

You’ve wasted a lot of time, don’t you think?

You should have started a long time ago.

Let’s not blame others for our actions. 24 more words

Heart & Mind Speaking

Speaker Review:- GOAL's Global IP Conference And Exhibition, 02 - 03 September 2014, Dubai, UAE

Intellectual Property (IP) has emerged as a critical business asset. Consequently, monetization, deal-making, financings and other forms of IP value creation are on the rise. From raising capital to business growth to M&A and exit strategies, IP can be a driver in forming alliances and increasing value for companies, investors and shareholders. 472 more words

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