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Crumbed goat's cheese tortilla wrap! #LittleAnasWrap

Hi guys, here is a VERY simple recipe which was an improvisation of the few things I could find in my fridge. This recipe is rich in taste and makes the perfect light lunch or snack :) 116 more words


Monday Night Pasta Inspiration!

As I got home from work yesterday, panic set in! I had been away all weekend and still had a bunch of vegetables left from last week’s basket delivery. 788 more words


Recipe of the Week: Arugula, Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese Pizza

I came across this recipe on Pinterest and it is originally from The Food Network.

This was a no brainer.

My husband prefers the real deal pizza (tomato and mozzarella) over the crazy concoctions I find on Pinterest, so I used whole wheat pita bread instead of the tortillas. 158 more words


Kingmakers Board Game Parlour

It is my goal to start regularly blogging again, and I realized a few things that served as roadblocks for me to do so regularly. One, is that I’m focused on having high-quality photos in my blog posts, taken with my DSLR and edited to my particular standards. 541 more words

Love And Marriage

In Quiche You Haven't Heard

Why do eggs come in a carton of so0o many?? This is a huge problem for the single girl.  I do know that there are half cartons somewhere out there, but the Kroger in walking distance from me does not seem to be selling these.   508 more words

Homemade Food

Goat Cheese & Roasted Cherry Ice Cream with La Lechera Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

Hello Sunshine! I’m so excited for Halloween, how about you? We don’t have any little ones, but I have nephews & they always come up with unique and cool costumes. 832 more words

Cooking Mousey

"Detox" Lasagna

As the warmer season comes to a close, the colder weather tends to inspire us to seek comfort food over smoothies and we are overcome with the urge to stay bundled in bed for longer and longer (is it just me, or has it still been dark after 7 am???) Comfort food doesn’t have to lead to weight gain over the winter months. 498 more words