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A Change of Plans

This week I have been up to my ears in organizing workmen, deliveries and details for the Little Rock House.  We have had some great news this week.   673 more words

How and Why to Eat Goat in Gotham

This story was originally published on Edible Brooklyn

New York is often described as being the world in a nutshell. Take the 7 train and head to Flushing and you’ll feel like you’re walking somewhere between China and Korea. 408 more words


Bladder Marsupialization

To recap, Bud had bladder stones blocking his urethra.  He went to Iowa State University’s Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, where he had surgery to place a catheter in his bladder and remove the urethral process.   376 more words


Save the date: The Kurt Anniversary Event

Get out your iPhones and open up your Google Calendar app….or if you’re Kurt, open up your 2012 Goats in Trees calendar, and mark the date!   160 more words


The Hidden Treasure

In a far away village, where goats are seen as more precious than cows, the goats make the rules and the cows follow. Every goat owns some cows and when goats have a bad day or when cows don’t obey fully, the cows get beaten up and hanged upside down as a public spectacle, as a warning to the other cows. 217 more words