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Why did I choose to farm?

When I share with people that I want to farm (…yes, meaning, I want to be a farmer), I usually get a strange and puzzled look (similar to the one in the picture above) …Lol! 786 more words


Got Goat Milk?

Few years ago, after visiting a nutritionist, was the first time that I personally came across advice to replace cow’s milk with goat’s milk to improve my health. 1,109 more words


The Skinny on Milk

Gone are the days when you popped down to your local milk  bar and bought a stock standard carton of cow’s milk. These days you’re assaulted with a huge range of options from soy, organic, goats, cows, almond, rice … the list is endless! 468 more words


Give me a hand?

As you know I make handmade soap from the milk of my goat, Sophia.  It’s a passion of mine and I often reflect on how I got to this point.   541 more words


Miss Murder's Easy DIY: Lavender Soap

Simple. Beautiful. Charming.

It’s exceptionally quick and best of all, the kiddos can help. And it doesn’t heat up the house, which is important when it’s 110 degrees in Las Vegas. 371 more words


A 'meh' Monday - some products that didn't work for me

Most beauty bloggers are reluctant to bang on about products we didn’t like. Atfer all, none of us started doing this to spread negativity around the internet. 905 more words


Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweetcorn fritters are a childhood favourite of mine…or Sweetcorn Critters as they were called in my kids cookbook. I can clearly remember having friends over and all we would do is make chocolate cornflake cakes (yum), then cook fritters for lunch whilst they chilled. 678 more words

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