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Life Cereal? Llama Burrs? What do they have in common??

Oh my gosh…the 1970s Life Cereal commercial was just played out in the back pasture!!

Scene… 4 llamas munching away, all of them are filled with burrs. 163 more words

New trending GIF tagged funny animals jumping goats...

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On this day we mourn the loss of my beloved Wacom tablet. I’ve had it for a literal decade, and all things considered it’s a pretty big testament to its craftsmanship that it survived 10 years of nearly daily use. 491 more words


Playing at the park

Playing Billy goat’s gruff on the bridge

Harrison at the Farm

Harrison has now met all the residents of the 7 Acre Wood.  He has been quite intrigued with them all. He has also found that there are lots of interesting smells on a farm and lots of room to run!! 49 more words

Mabon Blessings

Finally, the end of summer is here.  Tonight is the first day of fall, Mabon.  I tried finding fall-looking pictures out in pasture, but I mostly found green grass and a lot of bugs (You can see them if you click on the photo to enlarge). 88 more words