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It’s a nervous time to be an animal in Addis… Happy Easter!

We have watched a steady stream of jittery looking goats, sheep, chickens and cattle move into Addis Ababa over the last couple of days. Young boys with big sticks and weather beaten, tired men herd the bigger beasts along the street from nearby country village areas. 354 more words

The Men Who Stare At Goats [Blu-ray]

In this comedic look at real life events that are almost too bizarre to believe, reporter Bob Wilton (Ewan McGregor) discovers an experimental top-secret wing of the U.S. 75 more words

Fabric List

Here is a list of all the Fabrics that we have. All we need to know is the Number and Letter of the fabric you have choose. 158 more words


From Goats to Wine

When you visit Sancerre, the locals are quick to extol the match between the wine and the famous goats’ cheese, the Crottin de Chavignol. Staying just outside Sancerre in the village of Chavignol on a recent visit, I was struck by the fact that I could not actually see any goats. 402 more words

A Man Called Goat

I spent the past week in Austin where, as you can imagine, I encountered many colorful cowboys.  I received two marriage proposals while I was there– the first from a one-legged homeless man and another from a flirtatious two-stepper who proposed marriage to me and then followed my male friend into the men’s room and asked him if his pubic hair was straight or curly.   506 more words


"God just isn't moving like He one time was", Has now been refuted!

“It iw well known among pastors that whenever God moves to expose sin and break hearts in a congregation, it is almost always the most devout and dedicated who are moved to tears and an open confession of sin, while the most carnal and apathetic church members sit in their pews as cold as a stone.

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Goats in the sunshine

I suspect this blog is now going to morph from a novice writer’s witterings to a portfolio of artwork – ‘ideas melt’ but there are always things to draw and the brighter days are much more appealing to the eye than winter gloom and indoor lighting (ecofriendly but a bit dim). 124 more words