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Why I do what I do (or how I came to be a goat farmer)

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I came across this gem last week, suitably relevant for me and what I’ve been incubating for a while now. Particularly, as this week marked two years since I arrived at… 1,134 more words


Getting My Goats: Two Cashmeres for 11.99

Just as with silk, there’s cashmere and there’s cashmere, but all of it feels softer than any fabric made from chemicals and most made from plants. 520 more words

Look What I Found At The Thrift Store!

'Cutest effect of climate change yet': Global warming is shrinking goats

Global warming … is there nothing it can’t do? Is there no question for which it’s not the answer? No research grant it can’t help you procure? 277 more words

US Politics

YES Goats! YES!

The screaming, spitting, angry goats are back and they’re doing the Imperial March from Star Wars. This gets the Atom Smasher Show Seal of Approval and is safe for all audiences. Enjoy!

Atom Smasher Show VIDEO

October 23, 2014: The Chick's Beach Massacre

A small beach in Virginia has been invaded.
Looking out over the Lucius J. Kellam Bridge you can see hundreds of shipping containers washed up on Chick’s Beach. 471 more words

Strange News

Doesn't That Just Totally Get Your Goat?


This is a thing.

Why, you may ask, is this a thing?

Because Aussa, Maurna, and I said so.

I wish I had a better understanding of how this started, but all I know for absolute fact is that when Maurna and I met and spent our day at a… 402 more words

Learning About Me

a guest appearance.

Hello friends!

Abbey Road here.

You may know me from my frequent appearances on the CGTTWW…namely here, and here (with my pal Gucci), and… 340 more words