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I was chased by a million goats today.

I don’t trust goats, their eyes freak me out and the fact that they have horns… I mean they could do some serious damage if they wanted to. 693 more words


I miss writing when I don’t have a computer but never wrote when my computer was alive (damn technology problems!!) I only miss goats when I’m not on the farm (okay, lie). 211 more words

Goats in love

I’ve decided to declare this time as Valentine’s season for goats because, well, if you have to ask you may not understand.

Of late, I’ve been seeing these adorable YouTube videos of baby goats cavorting with great joy. 266 more words


She Walks Among Them

She walks among them undetected. Escaping the distracted guard.

Joy has returned home after being made available by the original buyer. We jumped at the chance. 220 more words


West Coast Game Park Safari, OR

We made it to Oregon! Although most of the drive was foggy, when it cleared the view was breathtaking. The coast of Oregon is definitely a sight to see. 166 more words

Spider bites make for a long week.

I got a little off track this last week. I do have a good excuse though! I got bit by a brown recluse spider. Those little buggers are nasty. 562 more words