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Developing Tourism at Göbekli Tepe

Tourism is developing in the Urfa region of Turkey as interest grows to visit Göbekli Tepe. This is a c. 11000 year old site which consists of massive carved stones crafted and arranged by people around 6000 years before Stonehenge. 60 more words


Telling The Truth

Archaeology, like any other profession, has its fair share of truths – and its fair share of other people’s truths. Medicine has magnetic bracelets, homeopathy and morgellons, politics has the assassination of JFK, fluoride and September 11th, and archaeology has ancient astronauts, eoliths and Atlantis. 275 more words


Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe jest jednym z tych miejsc na ziemi, których istnienie nie pasuje do wizji świata przedstawianej w podręcznikach i książkach historycznych.

Starożytna świątynia, w której można odczuć echa rytuałów sprzed tysięcy lat, jest jednym z tych miejsc, jakie warto odwiedzić w obecnych czasach, czasach przemian. 189 more words

The history of grasses -- a timeline

Snow’s melting in Berrien County, Michigan, showing the winter wheat greening up, March 22, 2014

The dates given in this timeline are the best approximations available at the time of publication (March 25, 2014). 1,515 more words


Travelling Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful and exciting country, with loads to do outside of the holiday resorts that you find in the west of the country, from amazing geographical locations to some of the earliest cultural sites known to mankind. 1,913 more words


Tours planned for June 2014

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“Gnossienne N°1″ from Satie En Orient by Ensemble Sarband

Bennett Pilgrimages Tours for 2014 and 2015

 Armenia   June 3 – June 13, 2014  ~  10 Nights / 11 Days…

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The Old Gods

The Temple at Gobekli Tepe may date back as far as 6,000 yrs before stone henge.  The Lime stone pillars have visible carvings that may represent deities.  557 more words

History Of Astronomy, Astrology And Mythology