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Gobekli Tepe & Star Deneb in the Cygnus Constellation

12,000-year-old circles of limestone pillars each weighing from 10 to 20 metric tons or more have been excavated in Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, about 9 miles (15 km) northeast of Sanliurfa, formerly known as Urfa or Edessa. 280 more words


October 15th The excavation of Gobekli Tepe

Todays work involved excavating the face of this first mythic dreamer. The original drawing had the excavation placed in the head.

Carrying on an idea sketched out some time before when I began thinking about using Gobekli Tepe as the subject for one of these large paintings. 172 more words


Progress with the first board of the first Mythic Dreamer. The Dreamer of Gobekli Tepe

The drawing for the first panel has begun.

A board was covered in dark paint – oil paint straight from the tube, spread thinly all around. 503 more words


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